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Vladimir Rusinov

The sculptor Vladimir Rusinov’s personal exhibition.

Vladimir Rusinov was born on February 20, 1960 in Donetsk region (Ukraine).

Education: Moscow Extramural Public University of arts named after N. Krupskaya. Have the wonderful family: wife, son and daughter, in 2007 grandson Mikhail was born. Live and work in the hamlet Liman in Zmievskiy district, Kharkov region, Ukraine

Make carved fireplace portals, secular exquisite elements in the baroque, rococo, modern styles. Some works are in private collections of famous VIP persons of Ukraine, some items are in private collections in England, Germany, Austria, Russia, Israel.

Winner of numerous international contests, including:
2012 - 1st place, winner of the international contest «Conscious creativity 2012» (New York, USA).
2011 - winner of the contest «Audience Sympathy» with the work «the Queen's escape from the castle of Blois».
2008 - winner of the 2nd International Internet wood carving contest. The theme of the contest «View on life», 1st place in the category «Skill in performance».

Participated in exhibitions in England, USA, France. The works are published in printed editions in Ukraine and abroad, including in USA.

In 2006 the author's name was included in the Golden pages of the Modern Encyclopedia of Ukraine in the list of persons who distinguished in the field of Science, Culture and Art.