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elina bilous

turning your life into a dream


I like to work for people. I even think that my mission is to turn human life into a fairytale. For it is so important to live feeling next to you some magic, letting into your life a little bit of a miracle. I give a lot of time to decoration of peoples surrounding, their daily environment. To make a gift for them of though not functional , not pragmatically-practically dry , maybe somewhat too complicated , but soulful objects that can wake emotions , that can wake a callous , dried-up by rationalism man , make him ponder , feel , share , I think that human ability to perceive beauty is the way to freedom, the way to get released from the unnecessary.
I am thinking up something new, do painting and molding, experimenting with glass. Glass, as a material, gives me unlimited opportunities I experiment with glass all the time. My special desire is to reproduce, to follow at least a little bit nature so that my piece of work would look as if it had been plucked out of the lap of nature. The works of nature are the most unpretending, everything natural is beautiful. Every day I try to hold back the tempo of living that the society is pushing me in. Life is given to us to perceive and enjoy, taste its every manifestation.


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