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Angelina Damenia

Personal exhibition of works by Angelina Damenia «INTENSIVISM — THE WORLD ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MIRROR»

I am glad to welcome you!
I called my direction in painting INTENSIVISM.
Pure abstraction is objectless art, the interaction of line and colour, which I supplemented with form and inner content; this includes some moment of conceptualism.
Art for me is life, beauty is its form and content.
Before I start working on a painting, I imagine it already completed, and only then I start working on it directly with oil paints, without preliminary sketches. Of course, there are moments of improvisation during fulfillment, but these are details.
Thinking about the topic and compositional solutions take me more time than doing the work directly. My paintings are born and completed right on the canvas. I do not resist inner visions and try not to complicate the solution of the issue. This is just the way I see the world, it's my reality that I want to share with everyone.
Each of my paintings carries a semantic load, a theme that is not always known to the viewer. The search for meaning gives rise to new interpretations, and this process is very important for me, as the picture in the subjective perception of each new viewer continues to develop thematically, and this is very interesting.
The perception of a work of art is also an art.
A piece of my soul lives in each of my works, I look out of each picture and smile, because - after all, if I don't burn,
and if you don't burn,
and if we don't burn,
then who will disperse the darkness?!

More information about my creative work and biography may be found on the website www.damenia-philauri.com