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Художник Ирина Баст

Irina Bast.
Independent artist

Art is a part of my soul, my energy, my vision of the world. I realized that I can create beauty not only with colours. I explore everyday objects and their transformation. I like to rethink simple things and give them a new life.
I create decorative paintings with dimensional elements. I use plaster, wood, stones, decorative mosaics, shells, crystals, precious stones, found objects, everything that can realize my ideas. I believe that my works are made in a very original and unusual technique.

- M.V. Lomonosov Pomor State University, psychology, psychotherapy, art therapy
- Paideia School of Contemporary Art
- Courses: Modern Russian Art, Metaphorical perception of the world, Painting of the XIX century, Russian avant-garde.
Participant of numerous Russian and international exhibitions, laureate of all-Russian and international contests and festivals. Participant of the charity art marathon StART Line.
Personal exhibition «Women. They changed the world», ArtMuza, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Publications in the magazines: Bonart cultural (Spain), BONART Cultural, Girona (Spain), CONTEMPORAIN (France), Woman (Russia), Objectsmag (Rivista online indipendente, Italy), Poramoralarte (Spain).
Works are in private collections in Russia, the USA, Canada, Italy, England, Austria, Japan, Australia, France, Portugal, Turkey, the UAE, Mexico, China, Cyprus and other countries. The painting «Marie-Antoinette» was included in the collection of the ArtMuse gallery in Saint-Petersburg.