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Alexander Kopeikin

Exhibition of architect-designer Alexander Kopeikin.

I am an architect-designer Alexander Nikolaevich Kopeikin, my place of residence is the city of Voronezh.
In 1985 I graduated from the Voronezh Institute of Engineering and Construction with a degree in «Architecture».
In 1985-1989 worked as an architect at the design institute «GIPROPROM» (Voronezh).
In 1989-1992 worked as an architect in the creative association «Archproekt» (Voronezh).
Since 1992 to the present I have been engaged in private practice in the field of architecture and interior design for individual customers.
The main principle of my work is the postulate of the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius: usefulness, endurance, beauty.
I work in any style. I love my work, I treat it professionally and conscientiously. I try to make each object unique.