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Exhibition of designer Alexander Patanin

We specialize in creating COMFORT, where above all is the PERSON, the person’s comfort, his convenience, his aesthetic and functional enjoyment. ALL our houses, villas, apartments, interiors are created with the soul, with a large, so to speak, personal investment, they are emotional (in a good sense) and very cozy. You want to live in them, stay in them, return to them, they cause emotions. A house (apartment, cottage, bungalow) is a place where EVERYONE spends a very SIGNIFICANT part of his life. Он и его семья. He and his family. And it is necessary that it was as convenient, comfortable, beautiful and interesting as possible.

Certainly, with all the comfort, competent planning, all the functionality of a house (villas, apartments and interiors), we make a huge component on the visual, aesthetic appearance. Our interiors are luxurious, interesting, unusual. We work in completely different styles, starting from luxury, expensive classics (which is eternal and will always be relevant) and ending with elegant, stylish, modern interiors made of glass and concrete. And it depends just on US how convenient and comfortable a person will live in his house, what will be the layout, what will be the facade (its visual appearance).

I and my studio PATANIN LUXURY DESIGN, so to speak, are fighting with every fiber of our soul to create a beautiful, convenient, comfortable house, where in the first place is the PERSON. And this applies to everything – starting from planning and facades, completing with interiors and landscape (landscape design).