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Белянчиков Сергей Владимирович

Sergey Belyanchikov.

- member of the SA of the USSR since 1981,
- member of the SD of the USSR since 1989,
- 1989-1993. chief artist of Bishkek,
- 1995 founded –BDS studio, Saint-Petersburg.

architect, designer, graphic artist

An architectural designer – is not only an idea and creativity, but also design, thought, research. At present creativity is so polyphonic that knowledge in some areas is not always enough. I am constantly learning, traveling around the world, using different forms of graphic content – from a sketch to a thorough three-dimensional study.

Collaboration of graphics, design, architecture, light, sound and coloristics in combination with natural components help to create a full-fledged quality product – project, interior, object.

Articulate the connection between all components for a better perception of the context.

Special attention pay to social objects, from environmental to interior design.