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Диана Кузнецова

The artist-illustrator Diana Kuznetsova’s personal exhibition.
Kuznetsova Diana Ur’evna.

Was born in 1986 in Moscow, in a large family of a master of musical instruments and a professional pianist.

Started drawing from early childhood. Despite the fact that the magic atmosphere of music reigned in the house, and the piano future was already determined, drawing classes were more desirable!

And belief in their abilities grew stronger with each passing day. Despite a small money income, in the difficult 90s, parents tried to raise all their children in the spirit of the old, real intelligentsia.

«Never lose yourself, children. Lost no one is looking for!», - the mother repeated. Books, many books, this is the environment in which all the brothers and sisters grew up.

Began an illustration even in primary school, as soon as the opportunity to print drawings in the literary magazine of a small student printing office «Kovcheg» arose.

And any opportunity to get in touch with the world of design of a book or magazine was happiness, and work in a small graphic studio helped to find an individual creative manner and gain priceless experience.

Diana graduated from SFGA in 2011, the Professor V. D. Uvarov’s course.
Laureate of the international contest in Sweden (Stockholm).

Participant of international exhibitions in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Italy and Russia.

Currently the artist-illustrator who is always open to new projects!