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Evgeny Pechenin

My name is Evgeny. I am 46 years old and my main profession is a cash collector. I work in PJSC «Sberbank» for more than 13 years. Yet in early childhood, as a schoolboy, I became interested in photography. Then we took pictures only on black and white photographic film, and of the colour one could only dream.

Many years later in 2007 I was for the first time outside our country, and my companion became a first digital camera. It was then that I felt the taste of travelling and newly appreciate benefits of colour photography. Over the next 11 years I was lucky to visit 30 countries, where I was constantly looking for interesting plots for my photos.

I always wanted to share what I saw with other people, to show local life, nature and animal world of distant countries, and along with that and faces of people of other nations and cultures. Through my photos I try to show people the beauty that is on our amazing planet, because to explore the world is really interesting and very exciting.