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Sergey Sidenko

Faces – are the world around us. It is different, not always comprehensible, but interesting. Joy and grief, happiness and disappointment, interest and indifference – faces reflect in themselves our contradictory time.

Much may be told by a portrait. Sincerity of child’s emotions, oldsters’ wisdom, teenagers’ confidence and independence.

The exhibition «Visages and faces» is an attempt to tell a person's story, touch his inner world, an opportunity to look at a person through the artist’s eyes.

Information about the author:

Sidenko Sergey Aleksandrovich, 1965 year of birth. Artist-amateur. Graduated from Petropavlovsk art school. Twenty-five years worked as an artist-decorator and artist-designer. Live in the city of Petropavlovsk (Republic of Kazakhstan).

Work in different genres: portrait, landscape, still life, illustrations. Technique of works is very different: watercolour, oil, pastel, pencil. Recently work mainly in the genre of portrait. Works are in private collections in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Israel.

Personal exhibitions:

1. «Night city lights» – 1988 (Petropavlovsk). Personal exhibition of author's graphic poster.
2. «Funny stories» – 1998 (Petropavlovsk). Personal exhibition of book and magazine illustration.
3. «Bright talents of native land» – 2011 (Petropavlovsk). Personal exhibition of paintings and graphics.
4. «Native and close» – 2012 (Petropavlovsk). Personal exhibition of paintings and graphics.
5. Personal exhibition of paintings for the anniversary of the regional library – 2013 (Petropavlovsk).
6. «Visages and faces « – 2014 (Petropavlovsk). Personal exhibition of a portrait in paintings and graphics.
Portfolio: https://vatikam.com/portfolios/15029
Email s-sidenko2011@yandex.ru