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Ivan Korzhev

Ivan Korzhev’s project «Myth»

In ancient times myths were the source of knowledge and were a kind of the equivalent of science, the whole system, in concepts of which the world was perceived and described. Besides that for a long time they were serving as an important source of historical information.

In modern world the myth is not cognitive, but rather behavioral in nature, as a form of knowledge it has almost lost its actuality, but as a drive to act has not exhausted its potentialities. Unlike ancient times, in the contemporary world is not nature that is mythologized, but for example, social and emotional life of a man. In the modern culture there is a process of remythologization when mythological perception increases sphere of its influence, and here and there, for instance, in art, politics, even science is beginning to play a significant role.

My permanent desire to reflect on universal issues in the field of contact of epochs, units, meanings, both as in visual-pictorial, so as in an abstract form, determines the metaphorical nature of my work. And as a result, one of my new projects is a «MYTH», the aim of which was to study the influence of myths in a modern society. Mechanisms and degree of influence I investigated by putting the sculpture in some imaginary world where it is transformed from inanimate material block to the carrier of an artistic image, full of life and spiritual beginning. Moreover, by inclusion of the sculpture into a spatial environment there is mutual enrichment of the sculpture and exactly this environment, resulting in the spatial environment receives the context value, and the sculpture puts in it the semantic accents. During the project I came to the conclusion that the modern society did not quit from a mythological worldview, we are a part of the myth itself and do not separate ourselves from it.
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