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About contest

Contest participants: anyone willing: amateurs, students and professionals in visual arts and photography registered on the website of the International Association VATIKAM.

Contest start date: December 1 2015.

Work submission end date: January 29 2016.

Voting end date: January 31 2016.

Result announcement date: February 1 2016.

Contest description:

We are inviting artists and photographers to take part in a new contest of visual art and artistic photography, “Winter Sketches”! Discreet beauty of winter nature, snow-covered landscapes, winter fun and games, magical New Year and Christmas holidays – we are allowing works devoted to any winter theme. The main task is to reproduce the mood and the ambient atmosphere, your outlook and attitude to whimsies of the year’s coldest season.

Thanks to activity and talents of VATIKAM’s participants, the previous contest, Autumn Symphony, has been a great success. We got a lot of aesthetical enjoyment from your works! We are sure that the “Winter Sketches” contest will uncover new extraordinary names and makes us all rejoice at all the new beautiful creations!

The contest takes place in two nominations: Visual art and Photography.

Requirements for taking part in the contest:

- be a registered participant of the VATIKAM project website;
- be sure to completely fill in your profile details;
- create a new separate portfolio for the “Winter Sketches” contest;
- upload samples of your works to the portfolio;
- be sure to check the option titled “Participating in the “Winter Sketches” contest”.

The contest can admit one portfolio per participant containing three to ten works.

Winners of the first three awards in each nomination are participants with portfolios that get the most votes through the whole voting period.

Works can receive votes from both participants themselves and registered visitors. For voting objectivity, a rule is in place saying that each registered participant or visitor may give only one vote to a portfolio.

Contest prizes: Winners of the contest will receive honorary 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree diplomas of the International association of designers VATIKAM. Also, works of the persons holding the first place in each nomination will be hosted on the main page of the website for 1 month. February 2 to 29 2015, their portfolios will be exhibited on the main page of the VATIKAM website.

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Winter Sketches

Contest is over

We are inviting artists and photographers to take part in a new contest of visual art and artistic photography, “Winter Sketches”!

About contest

Results of the “Winter Sketches” contest.