VATIKAM is the land in web space
and it's borders are defined by genius
The international association
of designers VATIKAM

Terms of Service

Welcome to our website – a realm in the ocean of the Internet, with borders defined by talents.

The Vatikam website ( hereinafter referred to as Website is an Internet project to unite individuals based on their artistic work in design and fine arts.

The Administration of the Website offers you services on terms subject to these Terms. Consequently, you have to carefully examine these Terms the Administration considers a public offer.

These Terms aiming to regulate author’s and related rights of the Website users are compiled in accordance with international laws, in particular the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works of 1886, the Universal Copyright Convention of 1952 (in its current revised version of 1971) and the World Intellectual Property Organization Copyright Treaty of 1996. These acts proceed from the principle of national treatment. The scope of author’s rights is defined by national legislation of the member states. In a situation of conflict of laws it is envisaged to apply the rights of the state when protection of author’s rights is solicited or court rulings apply.

1. VATIKAM Website status

1.1. is a website with aggregated information and computer software in an information system to provide access to this information from the Internet at the address:

1.2. All the rights for the Website as a whole and for using the domain name  belong to the Website Administration, the latter providing access to the Website to any person concerned in compliance with the current Terms and international law.

1.3. The current Terms mean the rights to use information and the results of intellectual activity (including but not limited to the works of decorative and applied arts, fine arts, architectural designs, graphic art and design of all fields, computer software) within the Website’s various sections, belong to the Website Administration.

2. VATIKAM Website Administration

2.1. The VATIKAM Administration (hereinafter referred to as Website Administration) is meant – in these Terms and other special documents published on this Website - to be the VATIKAM international association, a legal entity established within the French law and registered at No. 66, Avenue des Champs- Elysees, 75008, Paris, France.

2.2. All requests, proposals and claims from individuals and legal entities to the Website Administration in connection with the current Terms and any with any questions as regards using the Website, infringement of rights and interests of third parties in terms of using the Website as well as queries from authorized persons can be directed to VATIKAM’s email address:

2.3. As regards the operation and development of the Website the Administration is guided by the French law, international law, the current Terms and any other special documents worked out or those that can be worked out and adopted by the Website Administration with an aim to let the Users have access to various services of the Website.

2.4. No provisions of the current Terms grant the User a right to use the brand name, trademarks, domain names and other distinctive features of the Website Administration. The right to use the brand name, trademarks, domain names and other distinctive features of the Website Administration can be granted exclusively through a written agreement with the Website Administration.


3. Registration at the VATIKAM Website and User Status

3.1. User registration at the Website is free, voluntary and can be done at the Internet address

3.2. A Website User is an individual or a legal entity registered at the Website according to the order set by these Terms. The person should be aged eligible to accept the Terms according to the French law and have necessary authority (hereinafter referred to as User).

3.3. When registering him- or herself at the Website, the User has to submit necessary reliable and valid information to the Website Administration to make his or her personal user profile, including a unique login (email address or a combination of Latin letters and digits to enter the Website) as well as a passphrase, the first name and the surname. The Registration Form may ask the User for more information.

3.4. The User bears responsibility for the accuracy, validity, fullness and conformity to international law of the information submitted at registration and its cleanness as a guarantee from claims of third parties.

3.5. At registration, the User agrees to the current Terms and undertakes the rights and obligations mentioned therein, related to the Website use and operation.

3.6. After the User has successfully gone through registration, the Website Administration undertakes the rights and obligations before the User as set in these Terms.

3.7. Processing of personal data of the User is done according to the French law and the current Terms. The Website Administration processes the User’s personal data with an aim to provide the User with services, including targeted advertisements, verification, research and analysis of such data that would let maintain and improve the services and sections of the Website, as well as work out its new services and sections.

3.8. The Website Administration takes all measures necessary to protect personal data of the User from unlawful access, modification, disclosure or destruction. The Administration grants access to the User’s personal data only to those of its employees, contractors and agents who need this information as necessary to provide the Website operation and rendering of Services to the User.

3.9 The Website Administration has the right to use the information the User has provided, including personal data, to comply with the current French law (also to prevent and/or stop unlawful and/or illegal activities of Users). Disclosure of the information provided by the User is possible only within the current French law following a court ruling, requests from law-enforcement agencies as well as in other cases envisaged by international law.

3.10. The login and passphrase chosen by the User are necessary and sufficient information to User’s access to the Website. The User has no right to transfer his or her login and passphrase to third parties and bears full responsibility for their safety as he or she chooses ways to keep them.

3.11. Upon registration, the User obtains the right, independently for non-profit personal purposes, to create, use and determine the content of his or her personal page as well as the terms for other Users to access and placing information on other Users’ personal pages (provided necessary access rights from the owners or from the Administration are obtained).

3.12. As regards the personal information about him- or herself, the User has the right to:

  1. Independently delete information the User has previously put on the Website (also in the My Profile-Portfolio section);
  2. Delete his or her the personal page by requesting the Administration at the address to have the profile removed.

4. VATIKAM User’s Obligations

4.1. When using the Website Services, the User shall:

  • observe the current French law, international law, the law of the country he or she resides in, the current Terms and other special documents of the Website Administration;
  • at registration; submit reliable information, full and valid data and see to it that it is updated properly;
  • notify the Website Administration about instances of unauthorized access to the personal page and/or unauthorized access and/or unlawful use of the login and passphrase of the User;
  • not publish information and objects (including links to them) on the personal page that could violate the rights and interests of other people;
  • before publishing information and objects (including but not being limited to, images of other people, other people’s works of art, various texts authored by someone), preliminarily assess the lawfulness of publishing them;
  • keep secret and not disclose personal data the User has become aware of as a result of contacts with other Users and other ways of using the Website (including, but not being limited to home addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, ICQ IDs, passport data, banking information) as well as information about the private life of other Users and third persons without receiving relevant prior permit of the latter.

4.2. Should there be doubts whether this or that action is lawful, including whether to publish the information or grant access, the Website Administration recommends restraining from doing so.

4.3. The User, when using the Website, is prohibited:

  • To get registered as User on behalf of or instead of a different person (“false profile”);
  • To mislead the Users about his or her personality by using the login and passphrase of another User;
  • To falsify his or her personal data, age or relationship with other people or organizations;
  • To upload, keep, publish, distribute and give access or by any other way use any information that:
    • contains threats, discredits, humiliates, vilifies, undermines the dignity or business reputation or infringes the privacy of other Users or third persons;
    • violates the rights of underage people;
    • is vulgar or obscene, has pornographic images and texts or sexually graphic scenes with underage people;
    • contains scenes of inhuman and brutal treatment of animals;
    • contains description of means and ways for suicide and incitement for committing it;
    • propagates and/or encourages fomenting racial, sectarian, ethnic hatred or animosity, propagates fascism or an ideology of racial supremacy;
    • contains extremist materials;
    • propagates criminal activity or contains advice, instructions or guidelines for criminal acts;
    • contains restricted access information, including but being limited to state and commercial secrets, information about private life of third persons;
    • contains advertisements or describes narcotic drugs consumption in an attractive way, including “digital drugs” (sound files affecting the human brain with binaural rhythms), as well as information about the selling the drugs, instructions how to manufacture them and advice how to use them;
    • is fraudulent;
    • And violates other rights and interests of citizens and legal entities or the French and international law.
  • to illegally upload, keep, publish, distribute and give access to or in any other way to use the intellectual property of the Users and third persons;
  • to spam information unsolicited by the Website Users;
  • to illegally collect and process personal data about third persons;
  • to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade and resell the Services for any purposes, except cases when such actions would be directly allowed to the User in compliance with terms of a separate agreement with the Administration;
  • to publish commercial and political advertisements without prior co-ordination with the Website Administration. The User can purchase commercial services at the Website through procedures set in special instructions of the Administration published at the Website;
  • To publish any other information seen by the Administration as undesirable, not relevant to the Website goals, undermining the interests of the Users or for other reasons may be undesirable if published at the Website.

4.4. Should the User disagree with the current Terms or their updates, the User is obliged to give up using the Website by informing the Website Administration about that according to established order.


5. Terms of intellectual rights

5.1. Exclusive rights for Content published at the Website

  • All objects published at the Website, including elements of design, pictures, illustrations, scripts, software, music, sounds and other objects and their selections (hereinafter referred to Content) are objects of exclusive rights of the Administration, all rights for those objects reserved.
  • Except for cases set by the current Terms and the current French law, neither Content may be copied (reproduced), processed, distributed, reflected, published, downloaded, transferred, sold or in any way used as a whole or partially without prior consent of the rights holder, except cases when the rights holder explicitly expressed his or her consent for free use of the Content by any person.
  • The User, when publishing Content which legally belongs to him or her, grants other Users non-exclusive right to use it by viewing, except cases when such use harms or may cause damage to the rights holder’s interests protected by law.
  • The User may use the Content accessed exclusively for personal non-profit purposes, provided all the copyright or other signs of authorship, author’s name and the work itself are unchanged.
  • Any use of the Website or its Content, except permitted under the current Terms or in cases of explicit consent from the rights holder for the said use, without prior written consent from the rights holder, is strictly forbidden.

5.2. Responsibility for violating exclusive rights

  • The User is personally accountable for any Content or other information he or she uploads or in any way publishes at the Website with his or her assistance.
  • The Website Administration can but doesn’t have to, monitor the Website for banned Contents and can delete it or move (without warning) any Content or Users in its discretion, for any or no reason, including unrestricted moving or deleting the Contents the Administration deems as violating the current Terms, international and the French law and/or may infringe the rights, cause damage or undermine the safety of other Users or third persons.
  • By publishing his or her Content at the Website, the User automatically grants the Administration his or her non-exclusive right to use it through copying, public performance, replaying, processing, translating and distributing for purposes of the Website or in connection with those, also for popularization.


6. Operation of VATIKAM and responsible use

6.1 The Administration retains its right at any point of time to modify the Website design, its contents, list of services, amend the used scripts, software and other objects used or kept at the Website, as well as any service applications with or without prior notification.

6.2 The Website Administration pre-moderates and censors the information of the Users.

6.3. The Website Administration is not responsible for violation of the current Terms by the User and it’s up to the Administration, upon receiving of information from other users or third parties about the said violations, to modify (moderate) or delete any information published by the User, should this information infringes the restrictions set by the current Terms. The Website Administration reserves its right to delete the User’s personal page and (or) suspend, restrict or stop the User’s access to any of the Website’s services, should the Administration discover and deem that the User poses a threat to the Website and (or) its Users.

6.4. Deleting the User’s personal page means automatic deletion of all the information published there as well as the User information entered at the Website registration. After the User’s personal page is deleted, the User loses his or her right to access the Website.

6.5. The Website Administration maintains the operation and functionality of the Website and is obliged to promptly restore its functionality in case of technical failures and interruptions.

6.6 The Website Administration has the right to send the User information about the Website and its services development and to advertise its own activity and services.




7. Conclusion

7.1 The current Terms come into force for the User since the moment he or she accepts them and are valid for an indefinite period of time.

7.2. The current Terms are composed in the English and Russian languages and can be presented to inform the User in another language. In cases the English and Russian or other-language versions differ, the Russian-language version of the current Terms should apply.

7.3. If for any reason one or more provisions of the current Terms are cancelled or have no legal force, this does not affect the validity or applicability of other provisions.