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Results of the contest “Creative interior”

The contest results are summed up, here they are, the authors of the most original, creative and unusual interior projects!

Public interior: 

  1. Marina Gurleva (Chelyabinsk, Russia) – 7 votes;
  2. ​​Anastasia Nesterova (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) – 5 votes;
  3.  Mariya Kozlova (Moscow, Russia) – 4 votes.

Private interior:

  1. Anastasia Lee (Ekaterinburg, Russia) – 9 votes;
    Veronika Sidorenko (Mogilev, Belarus) – 9 votes;
  2. Natalia Tsikalo (Kiev, Ukraine) – 5 votes;
    Kira Potshivko (Sochi, Russia) - 5 votes;
  3. Design Studio Primeart (Mogilev, Belarus) – 4 votes;
    Alena Akimova (Astana, Kazakhstan) - 4 votes;

The winners of the contest are awarded with special first, second and third degree diplomas from the International association of designers VATIKAM. Works of the three winners of the first award will be hosted as a banner at the top of the main page of the VATIKAM website within one month (from August 1 to August 31, 2016).

Congratulations to the winners! Excellent works of high quality level, where each interior is the whole story, telling about its function and owners’ character!

Administration of the project VATIKAM.

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Creative interior

Contest is over

We invite designers to post on the website the most unusual projects of interiors. Exactly the surrounding interior best expresses the personality of the house owner.

Contest of design solutions "Creative interior"

Results of the contest “Creative interior”