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News > Work results of the International Association VATIKAM for May 2016

Dear participants of the project VATIKAM!

The contest "Organic architecture" successfully ended, congratulations to the winners! The names of the winners you are welcome to read on our website

Today two new contests are starting: the contest of photo works "Native land" and the contest of creative design solutions "Creative interior". You are welcome to participate, rules can be found on our website in the section "Contests"

New personal exhibition will be held on our website in June. Author’s sculptures of Valeriy Okarskiy are unique, we invite you to visit the page of the exhibition:

The personal artwork exhibition of Sergey Kuzmin is finished! Works of the talented artist were viewed more than 11 200 times. We wish Sergey new sources of inspiration and success in creativity!

Traditionally every month we make a list of the best authors. 
The best authors of May are:

Interior design:
Anatoly Radishevskiy (Ukraine, Donetsk);
Konstantin Paevsky (Russia, Moscow);
Natalia Buchneva (Russia, Chelyabinsk);
Tatiana Antonchenko (Belarus, Minsk);
Veronika Sidorenko (Belarus, Mogilev);
Vitaly Yurov (Ukraine, Kiev);

Arch Innovation Group (Ukraine, Kharkov);
Mikhail Baranov (Russia, Krasnoyarsk);

Decorative and applied arts:
Dina Nesterova (Russia, Saint-Petersburg);
Igor Shumar (Russia, Mirny);
Mikhail Treshchin (Russia, Tolyatti);
Victoria Berezovskaya (Ukraine, Kherson);
Viktor Morozov (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod);
Vitaly Goruk (Ukraine, Kiev);

Accessory design:
Angela Melnyk (Ukraine, Rivne);
Marina Berdnikova (Ukraine, Poltava);
Natalya Bulba (Ukraine, Kharkov);

Branding and corporate identity:
Ekaterina (Russia, Udomlya);

3D modeling:
Andrey Shevchenko (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod);
Konstantin Petrov (Russia, Magnitogorsk);
Pavel Voevodin (Russia, Ulyanovsk);
Tatiana Nedosekina (Russia, Kaliningrad);

Industrial design:
Oleg Minakov (Belarus, Minsk);

Graphic design:
Inna Gulevataya (Russia, Omsk)

Logo design:
ART-yenzel (Russia, Moscow);

Alesker Iskanderov (Azerbaijan, Baku);
Ksenia Solomennikova (Russia, Moscow);
Mikhail Inkov (Belarus, Minsk);
Sergey Meshkov (Russia, Tula);
Valery Okarsky (Russia, Volgodonsk);
Veronika Bystrova (Russia, Novorzhev);

Alexandra Rebrova (Russia, Saint-Petersburg);
Alexander Shavarev (Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata);
Albert Belyaev (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod);
Сhestor (Russia, Moscow);
Dina Nesterova (Russia, Saint-Petersburg);
Ekaterina Zavadskaya (Ukraine, Kherson);
Helena Deryagina (Latvia, Riga);
Mikhail Kretov (Russia, Belgorod);
Surai Akmuradova (Belarus, Baranovichi);
Renee Augustine von Morren (Russia, Ekaterinburg);
Tatiana Antonchenko (Belarus, Minsk);

Alexander Kobyzev (Ukraine, Kharkov); 

Visual arts:
Alexander Gektor (Latvia);
Anatoliy Zhamoido (Ukraine, Kharkov);
Anna Stepanova (Russia, Kaliningrad);
Sergey Sidenko (Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk);
Alexander Koval (Ukraine, Nikolaev);
Anastasiya Yaroshevich (Ukraine, Krivoy Rog);
Galina Kolomenskaya (Kazakhstan, Karaganda);
Ekaterina Pikalo (Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk);
Elena Sizova (Russia, Saint-Petersburg);
Irina Yakubik (Russia, Moscow);
Iulianiya Bunina (Russia, Pereslavl-Zalessky);
Lera Vityuk (Ukraine, Odessa);
Liliya Onishchuk (Ukraine, Odessa);
Lubov (Ukraine, Kiev);
Maxim Ilin (Russia, Ryazan);
Olga Krokhicheva (Russia, Saint-Petersburg);
Sergey Dorofeev (Russia, Moscow);
Sergey Perevozchenko (Russia, Krasnodar);
Tatiana Lukyanenko (Ukraine, Kiev);
Valery Budanov (Russia, Moscow);
Victor Goryaev (Ukraine, Krivoy Rog);
Viktoriya Bondareva-Volikova (Ukraine, Kharkov);
Vitaly Bigich (Ukraine, Krivoy Rog);
Vitaly Stroynov (Russia, Penza);
Vladimir Baybara (Ukraine, Konstantinovka);
Vladimir Goncharov (Ukraine, Dneprodzerzhinsk);
Yuri Malovitsa (Russia, Feodosiya);
Vladimir Medvedev (Ukraine, Nikolaev);
Yuri Sapozhnikov (Russia, Novokuznetsk).

Anastasia Tretyakova (Russia, Belgorod) becomes the best author of May in the nomination "Children's art". Congratulations to the young artist and we wish great achievements in creative development!

In May 2016 the number of portfolios posted on the website has exceeded 9 787. The number of registered participants has reached 8 582 people with over 80 634 images hosted. Our resource has been visited by citizens of 158 countries and 4 318 cities all over the world, the number of browsed pages is more than 3 687 000, the number of regular visitors of the website is more than 118 600 people.

Administration of the project VATIKAM.


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