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News > Congratulations to all ladies on the International Women’s Day, 8th of March!

Our beautiful, tender, kind, gentle, charming ladies! The Administration of the project VATIKAM congratulates you on the marvelous spring holiday!

Today, only for you are blooming the first tulips on photographs by  Snezhanna and pictures by Yelena Sizova, the tender white flowers of lilac on the painting by Olga Vorobyeva and lilies of the valley made out of beads by Irina, irises in a mosaic technique by Anna Ostapchuk and irises again in oil on velvet by Natalia.

For you are the inimitable peonies from the painting by Bakayeva and irreal space lilies by Avesta, thin, fading-like flowers in works by Klara Bobrova and a predatory nepenthes in the depths of tropical forest by Van O.

For you are blossoming the colorful poppies on striking clothes by Iryna Olar and delicate wax-printed orchids by Lydia

May you rejoice at the bouquet of sunflowers in satin stitch embroidery by Boris Volkov and the classical bouquet of pink roses in an unusual painting technique by Dmitriy Yermolov.

Fair ladies, you are the jewels of our project – being not only clever and talented, but gorgeous as well. We wish you love, happiness, joy and many creative successes!

Administration of the project VATIKAM.


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