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News > Work Results of the International Association VATIKAM for February 2014.

Dear participants of the contest and visitors of the website!

February, the second month of our contest, has ended – the shortest month of the year, yet a very fruitful one. During this month, the number of registered website users has exceeded one thousand, and over 22.000 people from 84 countries and 852 of the world’s cities have visited the website. The pages with works by participants were viewed over 170.000 times.

Our project continues to develop rapidly: all kinds of creators post their works on the website for all of us to appreciate their labor and to applaud the talent and mastership of the authors.

We thank the artists Boris Studentsov (Russia) for beautiful pictures of the Russian nature and Valery Sidorkin (Belarus) for pictures of his homeland.

Together with our visitors, we admire the talent of Vitaly Grafov (Russia) for creating amazing paintings in a variety of genres.

We thank Anastasia Yaroshevich (Ukraine) for vivid and colorful paintings.

We thank Yelena Deryagina (Latvia), an exceptional photographer and a positive person, not only for professional works of photography and designer accessories, but also for kind comments to works by other authors.

The workmanship and vividness are impressive as well in the works by Sergey Lutsenko (Ukraine), the pictures showing the life of his home village by Andrei Vilkov (Russia), amazing paintings in various genres by Sergey Dorofeyev (Russia).

We are grateful to a Ani Oganesyan (Armenia), a professional photographer, for series of photographs of the wild world, animals and plants, which radiate incredible warmth and kindness.

We thank the artist Zakhar Ponomarenko (Ukraine) for awe-inspiring church frescos and icons.

We wish success to Andrei Noarov (Russia) and await new drawings of various cities, both fantastic and real.

We express gratitude from our branch in Paris to the Creative family duo “ROM-Dekor” (Russia) for their work titled  “Eurotour clock with french accent” and to the talented artist Sergey Yefremov (Russia) for his portfolio “The Cozy Feeling of Provance”.

We expect new wonderful works from the series “Historical Graphics” by the artist Alibek Koylaykayev (Russia).

We are glad to note the activity and support of friends to the sculptor John Hungar (Ukraine) and the designer Anatoly (“ArtHouse” design studio, Russia); their portfolios have gathered aapproximately 500 views during two weeks only and have taken their places in the Top 10 by number of votes! Congratulations!

We wish all contest participants the same active life position and lots of devoted friends! Join us in social networks, invite your colleagues, clients, friends and acquaintances to our website – they will be able to register and vote for your works; and you too can vote for the works you liked, take part in discussions, leave comments.

We await your new portfolios!

Best regards,
Administration of the project VATIKAM



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