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News > Results of the “Winter Sketches” contest.

Dear friends, today we are very glad to sum up the results of the vivid and colorful “Winter Sketches” contest.

The nomination “Visual art” has the following winners:

1st place:
Vitaliy Stroynov (Russia, Penza) – 13 votes;
2nd place:
Vasily Zevin (Russia, Rostov-na-Donu) - 12 votes;
3rd place:
Mikhail Ivanenko (Russia, Timashevsk) – 11 votes.

The nomination “Photography” has the following winners:

1st place:
Aleksey Chakilev (Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk) – 9 votes;
2nd place:
Tatyana Maximova (Russia, Krasnoyarsk) – 7 votes;
3rd place:
Albert Belyayev (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod) – 6 votes.

Our contest also approved participation of amazing illustrators whose works created and supported the holiday winter atmosphere for all visitors of our website. We decided to award the authors of these works with additional honorary diplomas in the “Illustration” nomination.

Winners in the “Illustration” nomination:

1st place:
Rotaract club Ekaterinburg (Russia, Yekaterinburg) – 21 votes;
2nd place:
Svetlana Suchaninа (Russia, Moscow) - 5 votes;
Alexander Yakovlev (Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Russia) - 5 votes;

3rd place:
Anna Sokolova-Buravleva (Russia, Voronezh) – 4 votes.

Works of the three contest winners with the most votes will be hosted on the main page of the website for the period from February 2 to February 29 2015 (one month). Congratulations to all contest winners! We wish you new sources of inspiration, many creative successes and lots of luck!

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