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News > Work results of the International Association VATIKAM for October 2015.

Dear participants of the VATIKAM project!

We are summing up the results for October!

Congratulations to winners of the “Autumn symphony” contest! Dear artists, thank you for your activity and beautiful works! For details and names of the winners, see “Contests” section:

The contest devoted to the memory of Alexandre Gustave Eiffel is still in progress, works admitted until December 13 2015. If you are a professional architect or designer, don’t miss your chance and take part in this contest!

We have also prepared a new contest for graphic designers: “Visual identity for VATIKAM”. The two-year anniversary of the International Association of designers VATIKAM is getting closer, and we decided to renew the “face” of our project – the layout of the honorary diploma. If you have interesting ideas and skills in using a graphic editor, send your layouts! For contest conditions, thee the following section:

The International Association VATIKAM is inviting anyone willing to attend a workshop hosted by a well-known painter Lev Feldman! The event will take place in December 2015 in Yekaterinburg (Russia):

We remind all participants and visitors of our project that we are still selecting portfolios in “Industrial design” and “Transport design” sections to offer your works to industrial and transport design corporations for organizing cooperation between participants of our project, including employment matters. So be active in creating new portfolios and tell your colleagues about an opportunity to take part in the new project:

The best commenter of October is Andrey Domani (Russie, Voronezh)!

Best authors of October:

Interior design:
AG design (Russia, Moscow);
Alyona Chekalina (Russia, Moscow);
Anastasia Nesterova (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Artemy Saranin (Russia, Perm);
Elena Zhulikova (Russia, Volgograd);
Eugenya Ermolaeva (Russia, Moscow);
Evgeny Koshel (Ukraine, Donetsk);
Headoff (Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk);
Irina (Russia, Moscow);
Irina Kuznetsova (Russia, Moscow);
Irina Vaskevich (Russia, Khabarovsk);
Iryna Dzhemesiuk (Ukraine, Kyiv);
Lidiya Goncharuk (Russia, Sochi);
Liydmila Sharshova (Ukraine, Kyiv);
Lyudmila Grishko (Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk);
Maria Ahizarova (Russia, Moscow);
Nadezhda Enikeeva (Russia, Moscow);
Olga (Russia, Bryansk);
Olga (Russia, Krasnodar);
Olga Kolesnikova (Russia, Yekaterinburg);
Rodionova Julia (Russia, Moscow);
Solodovnikova Yulia (Belarus, Brest);
Studio “O” (Belarus, Minsk);
Tatiana Antonchenko (Belarus, Minsk);
Valeriy Makovoy (Latvia, Riga);
Velvet & Lace design (Russia, Moscow);
Victoria Nazarchuk (Russia, Tambov);
Vitaliy Yurov (Ukraine, Kyiv);
Yelizaveta Podyacheva (Russia, Krasnoyarsk);
Zhanna Panteleeva (Russia, Izhevsk);

Arch Innovation Group (Ukraine, Kharkov);
Architecture studio “Chado” (Russia, Rostov-on-Don);
FUTUROOM interior (Russia, Krasnodar);
Olga Kolesnikova (Russia, Yekaterinburg);

Game design:
Ilicheva Nastya (Russia, Tyumen);
Max Dmytriv (Ukraine, Lviv);

Mobile apps:
Anatoly Wolf (Астана, Казахстан);
Max Dmytriv (Ukraine, Lviv);

Branding and trademark style:
Ekaterina (Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk);
Sofya Danilova (Russia, Krasnodar);
Vladimir Mironenko (Ukraine, Poltava);

Logo design:
Denis Smolin (Russia, Samara);

Typographics and fonts:
Nadezhda Baray (Belarus, Minsk);

Anastasia Pasyukova (Belarus, Mogilyov);
Daria Bolshakova (Ukraine, Kharkov);
Ekaterina Borodachyova (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Evgeniya (Ukraine, Kyiv);
Gavrilov Sergey (Russia, Moscow);
Igor Belichenko (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Iva Mykhailian (Ukraine, Kyiv);
Konstantin (Israel, Tel-Aviv);
Misha Buharov (Russia, Tyumen);
Natalia Mosyagina (Russia, Rybinsk);
Oksana Chumakova (Ukraine);
Solodovnikova Yulia (Belarus, Brest);
Zgoda-Kovadlo (Russia, Moscow);

Toy design:
Irina Lekareva (Russia, Moscow);
Nina Yozhik (Ukraine, Kharkov);
Pinigina (Russia, Novosibirsk);

Decorative and applied arts:
Aleksandr Manzurov (Latvia, Riga);
Aleksandr Shavaryov (Kazakhstan, Almaty);
Eva Chorna (Ukraine, Kyiv);
Horyayev Viktor (Ukraine, Krivoy Rog);
Irina Donchik (Russia, Krasnoyarsk);
Lev Feldman (Russia, Yekaterinburg);
Tatiana Tunis (Russia, Yekaterinburg);
Vladislav Ivanov (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Yuriy Tikhiy (Ukraine, Lugansk);

Accessory design:
Oleg Podd (Netherlands, The Hague);
Vasily Timashov (Belarus, Minsk);

Inga Krupelnitskaya (Russia, Moscow);
Sankovi (Ukraine, Rovno);

Graphic design:
Berezina Margarita (Russia, Vladivostok);
Dmytruk Halyna (Ukraine, Teofipol);
Ilya Kalmychek (Russia,Temryuk);
Inna (Russia, Omsk);
IrKos (Russia, Volgograd);
Kirill (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Oleg Medvedev (Russia, Novosibirsk);
Olga Gvozdeva (Russia, Vologda);
Viktor (Russia, Rostov-on-Don);

Industrial Design:
Olga Chebanova (Russia, Yekaterinburg);

Andrew Mitryagin (Russia, Belgorod);
Oksana Nikolska (Ukraine, Kyiv);
Pyotr Nosikov (Russia, Timashevsk);
Sergey Meshkov (Russia, Tula);
Valery Okarsky (Russia, Volgodonsk);

Albert Belyayev (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod);
Aleksandr Komissarov (Russia, Yekaterinburg);
Aleksandr Shavaryov (Kazakhstan, Almaty);
Andrey Voytsekhov (Russia, Moscow);
Budanova Mariia (Russia, Volgograd);
Chestor (Russia, Moscow);
Helena Deryagina (Latvia, Riga);
KS (Belarus, Vitebsk);
Mikhail Kretov (Russia, Belgorod);
Vladimir (Russia, Moscow);
Yuriy Shuvalov (Russia, Moscow);

Visual arts:
Aleksandr Glebov (Russia, Schyolkovo);
Aleksandra Paranchenko (Ukraine, Kherson);
Alexandr Mlechnyi (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Alexey Pastukhov (Russia, Yekaterinburg);
Anastasia Rubanova (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Andrey Domani (Russia, Voronezh);
Andrey Kutana (Ukraine, Slavyansk);
Angelika Osipova (Russia, Moscow);
Anton Gortsevich (Russia, Tver);
Dmitriy Sevryukov (Russia, Moscow);
Galina Gureva (Russia, Kamenka);
Giorgi Mdinaradze (Georgia, Tbilisi);
Igor Belichenko (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Igor Lobovich (Russia, Klimovsk);
Irina Ilfant (Russia, Samara);
Irina Yakubik (Russia, Moscow);
Katerina Pyatakova (Ukraine, Kyiv);
Konstantin Roslyakov (Russia, Tyumen);
Lana Marandina (Ukraine, Krivoy Rog);
Maksim Parnakh (Russia, Moscow);
Maria Krimenskaya (Russia, Khabarovsk);
Maxim Ilin (Russia, Ryazan);
Mikhail Ivanenko (Russia, Timoshevsk);
Nadezda Syachina (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Nadezhda Baray (Belarus, Minsk);
Natalia Kuchumova (Kazakhstan, Almaty);
Natalia Rozhko (Ukraine, Odessa);
Natalia Svetnenko (Russia, Abakan);
Olesya Nischuk (Ukraine, Dunayevtsy);
Olga Krohicheva (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Roza Savinova (Russia, Magnitogorsk);
Sergey Dorofeyev (Russia, Moscow);
Sergey Vodolazkin (Russia, Belgorod);
Sergey Yefremov (Russia, Moscow);
Snezhana (Ukraine, Zaporozhye);
Tatiana Panina (Russia, Kaluga);
Varuzhan Ayrapetyan (Russia, Dnepropetrovsk);
Vasily Gaikalov (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Vitaly Bigich (Ukraine, Krivoy Rog);
Vitaly Stroynov (Russia, Penza);
Vladimir Medvedev (Ukraine, Nikolayev);
Yekaterina Zhirkova (Russia, Moscow);
Yelena Pavlenko (Russia, Rostov-on-Don);
Yevgania Namakonova (Russia, Blagoveschensk);
Yevgeniy Srebnitskiy (Ukraine, Kyiv);
Yuriy Sapozhnikov (Russia, Novokuznetsk);

In October the number of portfolios registered on our website has exceeded 8 336. The number of participants registered on our website has reached 7 920, with over 74 000 images hosted. Our resource has been visited by citizens of 151 countries and 3 610 cities all over the world, the number of browsed pages has exceeded 1 513 000, and the number of website visitors – 85 000 persons.

Administration of the project VATIKAM


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