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News > Contest “For birthday of Gustave Eiffel”

Contest participants: anyone willing registered on the website of the International Association VATIKAM.

Contest start date: October 1 2015.
Work submission end date: December 13 2015.
Voting end date: December 14 2015.
Result announcement date: December 15 2015.

Contest description: The International Association VATIKAM is inviting everyone to take part in a contest devoted to the birth date of the engineering genius Alexandre Gustave Eiffel.

The French construction engineer who always strived to make his works not only sturdy but also beautiful had left an indelible mark on development of architecture. He created over two hundred structures, including the Parisean Le Bon Marché emporium (together with the architect Louis-Charles Boileau) and a two-story iron house for an extravagant Peruvian millionaire. Bold ideas of Alexandre Gustave Eiffel resulted in construction of thirty-six light and strong bridges, unparalleled throughout the world.

Of course, Alexandre Gustave Eiffel also created world’s most famous steel tower that bears his name. The project initially met a negative public reaction, yet now the openwork silhouette of the Eiffel tower is an instantly recognized symbol of Paris.

Dear project participants, we are awaiting works from you for the following themes: “Tower as a symbol of my city” and “Bridges made of steel and air”.

The contest includes the following nominations:
- 3D modelling;
- Architecture;
- Graphic design;
- Industrial design.

Requirements for taking part in the contest:
- be a registered participant of the VATIKAM project website;
- be sure to completely fill in your profile details;
- create a new separate portfolio for the “Birthday of A. G. Eiffel” contest;
- upload samples of your works to the portfolio;
- be sure to check the option titled “Participating in the “Birthday of A. G. Eiffel” contest”.

The contest can admit one portfolio per participant containing three to seven works. After the end of the “Birthday of A. G. Eiffel” contest, the portfolios created specifically for it will continue to take part in the main contest of the VATIKAM project, "Best Works of 2015", on general terms

Winners of the first three awards in each nomination are participants with portfolios that get the most votes through the whole voting period.

Works can receive votes from both participants themselves and registered visitors. For voting objectivity, a rule is in place staying that each registered participant or visitor may give only one vote to a portfolio.

Winners of the contest will receive honorary 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree diplomas of the International association of designers VATIKAM. Works of two winners with the best tower and bridge projects will be hosted on the main page of the website for a month after the announcement of the contest results.


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