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News > Work results of the International Association VATIKAM for August 2015

Dear friends!

The individual exhibition of the designer Nikita Medelets, “Transport design”, is over! 10 479 views is a great result, and we are wishing Nikita many creative and professional successes! In September, you will have a chance to get to know the art of a great painter Sergey Dorofeyev; we are welcoming everybody to enjoy the beauty of his landscapes in the “Exhibition” section!

The contest “Soul of the Tree” has ended; to see the results, you can visit the “Contests”. Congratulations to the winners! Our new contest for artists - "Autumn Symphony"!

The best commenter of August is Arkadiy Paranskiy (Russia, Moscow).

Best authors of August:

Interior design:
Aleksey Gazukin (Russia, Orenburg);
Elena Ponomarenko (Russia, Simferopol);
Gradiz (Russia, Yekaterinburg);
Headoff (Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk);
Luneva Lada (Russia, Moscow);
RangEmotions (Russia, Moscow);
Solonina Alena (Russia, Krasnodar);
“Chado” architecture studio (Russia, Rostov-on-Don);
Nikita Afanasyev (Russia, Novosibirsk);
Valentina Drevalyova (Russia, Moscow);
Yurov Vitaly (Ukraine, Kiev);
Igor Kraynov (Russia, Ivanovo);
Lyudmila Grishko (Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk);
“IOLLA” concrete architecture studio (Russia, Moscow);
Oksana (Russia, Barnaul);
Olga Grachyova (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Roman Prosvirkin (Russia, Omsk);
Sergey Tropin (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Arina Smolina (Russia, Perm);
“Azbuka Dom” interior design studio (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Tatiana Antonchenko (Belarus, Minsk);
Yulia Agafonova (Russia, Krasnodar);

Aleksey Gazukin (Russia, Orenburg);
Dmitry (Chisinau, Moldova);
Maria Gorcheva (Russia, Moscow);

3D Modeling:
Arch Innovation Group (Ukraine, Kharkov);
Sergey Katkov (Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod);

Branding and trademark style:
Amir Karakdzhi (Ukraine, Kharkov);
Anastasia Danilchenko (Russia, Moscow);

KS (Belarus, Vitebsk);

Typography & fonts:
Marina Bagdasaryan (Russia, Moscow);

Yelena Kotova (Russia, Ryazan);
Lidia Kravchenko (Moldavia, Chisinau);
Marina Lukach (Ukraine, Kiev);
Natasha Morrow (Russia, Ivanovo);

Web design:
Dmitry Gubskiy (Russia, Moscow);
Olesya Nischuk (Ukraine, Dunayevtsy);

Game design:
Pavel Voyevodin (Russia, Ulyanovsk);

Yevgenia Mult (Russia, Sovetskiy);

Margaret (Russia, Moscow);
Nina Syachina (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Diana Kuznetsova (Moscow, Russia);
Tatiana Gordiychuk (Russia, Kosov);

Decorative and applied art:
Horyayev Viktor (Ukraine, Krivoy Rog);
Olga Sintseva (Minsk, Belarus);
Serishev (Russia, Polessk);
Vladislav Ivanov (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Aleksandr Chaykin (Ukraine, Odessa);
Anna Sokolova-Buravlyova (Russia, Voronezh);
Valentina Drevalyova (Russia, Moscow);
Yekaterina Yurlova (Russia, Perm);
Igor Sumar (Belarus, Minsk);
Katerina (Russia, Moscow);
Konstantin Bokarev (Russia, Podolsk);
Boris Kopylov (Ukraine, Donetsk);
Ksenia Shulzhenko (Russia, Krasnodar);
Natalia Vladimirova (Ukraine, Kharkiv);
Tatiana Baldina (Russia, Zhigulevsk);
Tatiana Shamsudinova (Russia, Belgorod);
Creative workshop "Fire" (Ukraine, Kiev);

Toy Design:
Nina Syachina (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Tatiana Gordiychuk (Russia, Kosov);

Accessory design:
Rainbow Phoenix (Ukraine, Kyiv);

Alyona Prokofyeva (Russia, St. Petersburg);

Graphic design:
Anna Dvoretskaya (Russia, Novosibirsk);
IrKos (Russia, Volgograd);
KS (Belarus, Vitebsk);
Oksana Anashkina (Ukraine, Kharkov);
Anastasia (Russia, Taganrog);

Ivan Korzhev (Russia, Moscow);
Vladimir Rusinov (Ukraine, Liman);
Valery Okarskiy (Russia, Volgodonsk);
Vladimir (Russia, Aleksin);
Roman Gryuk (Russia, Kharkov);
Yevgeny Tkachuk (Ukraine, Vinnitsa);
Yelena Krasnova (Russia, Krasnoyarsk);
Natalia Lubnina (Russia, Krasnoturyinsk);
Maria Aprasidi (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Sergey Meshkov (Russia, Tula);

Ilya Gutkovskiy (Russia, Tula);
Aleksey Kalyakin (Russia,St. Petersburg);
Albert Belyayev (Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod);
Sergey Katkov (Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod);
Marina Lukach (Ukraine, Kiev);
Mikhail Kretov (Russia, Belgorod);
Aleksandr Shavaryov (Kazakhstan, Almaty);
Yuriy Shuvalov (Russia, Moscow);

Visual art:
Ain Insane (Russia, Perm);
Alexander Sheltunov (Russia, Irkutsk);
Andrey Domani (Russia, Voronezh);
Andrey Polunin (Russia, Naberezhnye Chelny);
Anna Pichuhina (Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk);
Bakaeva (Russia, Ruzayevka);
Budanov Valeriy (Russia, Moscow);
Chugaev Valentin (Russia, Perm);
Diev Alexander (Russia, Orekhovo-Zuyevo);
Dmytruk Halyna (Ukraine, Khmelnitskiy);
Giorgi Mdinaradze (Georgia, Tbilisi);
Krasnov Alexander (Russia, Krasnoyarsk);
Janina Grinevich (Latvia, Riga);
Meital Maor (Israel, Bat Yam);
Nadezda Syachina (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Olga Gorbunova (Russia, Omsk);
Osipova Anzhelika (Russia, Moscow);
REM (Ukraine, Kherson);
Sergey Komorny (Ukraine, Chuguyev);
Tihonova (Ukraine, Kyiv);
Aleksandr Bezrodnykh (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Aleksandr Breskin (Ukraine, Kyiv);
Anastasia Yaroshevich (Ukraine, Krivoy Rog);
Andrey (Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk);
Arkady Paranskiy (Russia, Moscow);
Viktor Burmin (Russia, Moscow);
Vasiliy Gaykalov (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Vitaly Stroynov (Russia, Penza);
Vladimir Medvedev (Ukraine, Nikolayev);
Vladimir Trutko (Ukraine, Slavyansk);
Gennady (Russia. St. Petersburg,);
Yeva Levi (Russia, Vladivostok);
Yevgeny Guselnikov (Russia, Yekaterinburg);
Yevgeny Molev (Russia, Vologda);
Yevgeny Srebnitskiy (Ukraine, Kyiv);
Yekaterina Pikalo (Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk);
Yelena Krasnova (Russia, Krasnoyarsk);
Inna Volvak (Russia, Moscow);
Irina Ilfant (Russia, Samara);
Kanat Nagayev (Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek);
Ksenia Kozlova (Russia, Perm);
Nadezhda Kiselyova (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Aleksandr Kolodin (Kazakhstan, Pavlodar);
Konstantin (Russia, Cheboksary);
Konstantin Kuznetsov (Russia, Chelyabinsk);
Marina Kusrayeva (Russia, Moscow);
Nikolay Morozovskiy (Ukraine, Cherkassy);
Nikolay Spitsyn (Ukraine, Odessa);
Oleg Grishko (Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk);
Oleg Medvedev (Russia, Novosibirsk);
Olesya Nischuk (Ukraine, Dunayevtsy);
Ruslan Solopeyev (China, Guangzhou);
Svetlana Iskovskikh (Russia, Yekaterinburg);
Sergey Adamskiy (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Tatiana (Kazakhstan, Karaganda);
Maria Shiryayeva (Russia, Moscow);
Natalia Yudina (Russia, Omsk);
Irina Yakubik (Russia, Moscow);

In August the number of participants registered on our website has reached 7 771, with over 7 832 portfolios and 69 353 images hosted. Our resource has been visited by citizens of 149 countries and 3504 cities all over the world, world, the number of browsed pages has exceeded 1 392 000, and the site has been visited by over 78 900 persons.

The website of the project is in process of constant improvement, with new sections and functions added. That is why we are asking you, dear participants, to send your comments and suggestions regarding improvement of website and VATIKAM project operation to the email: If you have any ideas how to make our website a better, more modern and easy-to-use place, or want to propose new areas of interest, we are always glad to listen to your opinions.

We have new and exciting contests ahead, follow the project news!

Administration of the VATIKAM project


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