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News > Results of contest “Soul of the Wood”

Dear project participants!

It is time to announce the results of the contest “Soul of the Wood”. This contest has showed that there is no lack of talented people and amazing masters. We hope that experienced woodcarvers pass the secrets of their craft to the next generation.

Here are our magic-fingered masters!

Decorative and applied art nomination:

  1. Yuri Tihyi (Ukraine, Lugansk) -9 votes;
    Vladimir Dolapchi (Stary Oskol, Russia) - 9 votes;
  2. Olga Borzova (Russia, Tula) – 7 votes;
    Denis Demko (Belarus, Lepel) – 6 votes;
  3. Vladimir Tarantin (Russia, Yekaterinburg) – 6 votes;
    Serishev (Russia, Polessk) – 5 votes;

Furniture nomination:

  1. Irina Stepanova (Ukraine, Donetsk) – 6 votes;
  2. Mikhail Bobylev (Russia, Moscow) – 4 votes;
  3. Roman Gryuk (Ukraine, Kharkov) – 3 votes;
    Igor Bukanov (Russia, Novosibirsk) – 3 votes;

Sculpture nomination:

  1. Vladimir Rusinov (Ukraine, Liman) – 8 votes;
  2. Vladimir Bychkov (Russia, Moscow) – 7 votes;
    Sergey Klyuchnikov (Russia, Samara) – 7 votes;
  3. Vladimir Dragunov (Russia, Chernyakhovsk) – 4 votes;

Accessory design nomination:

  1. Andrey Makarchouk (Ukraine, Zhitomir) – 5 votes;
  2. Sergey Zakharov (Russia, Chelyabinsk) – 4 votes;
  3. Vladislav Ivanov (Russia, St. Petersburg) – 4 votes;
    Igor Sumar (Belarus, Minsk) – 3 votes;

Toy design nomination:

  1. Dmitry Sheykman (Russia, Yekaterinburg) – 5 votes;
  2. Viktoria Bondareva-Volikova (Ukraine, Kharkov) – 4 votes;
  3. Yevgenia Namakonova (Russia, Blagoveschensk) – 4 votes.

The winners will receive special first, second and third degree diplomas from the International Association of designers VATIKAM. Works of the winners holding first places in each nomination will be hosted as banners in the top part of the main page of the VATIKAM website for 1 month (September 1 to October 2 2015).

We wish best of luck to all our participants! Take part in new contests – we are always happy to see new works!

Administration of the project VATIKAM


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