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News > Work results of the International association of designers VATIKAM for May 2015.

Dear friends!

On June 1, a new contest is starting on our website titled "Soul of the Wood"! Take part and create new portfolios! For details, see the Contests section!

The contest Fabulous houses of Antoni Gaudi has been extended to August 5; dear architects and designers, take part!

The contest Best Works of 2015  continues, vote!

Best authors of May:

Interior design:
Kirill Tokarev (Russia, Izhevsk);
Liydmila Sharshova (Ukraine, Kyiv);
Zhanna Panteleeva (Russia, Izhevsk);
Igor Bogdanov (Moldova, Chisinau);
Irina Kapitonova (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Kamazhay Aykimbayeva (Kazakhstan, Astana);
Marina (Ukraine, Odessa);

Landscape design:
Irina Rudenko (Ukraine, Nikolayev);

3D modeling:
Aleksey Zhuk (Ukraine, Yenakiyevo-Lugansk);
Konstantin Petrov (Russia, Magnitogorsk);
Sergey Belyanchikov (Russia, St. Petersburg);

Motion Graphics:
RangEmotions(Russia, Moscow);

Web design:
Nadezhda Solovyova (Russia, Dubna);

Game design:
Cseel (Russia, Astrakhan);

Diana Kuznetsova (Russia, Moscow);
Igarez Naumov (Russia, Kstovo);
Olga Vysotskaya (Ukraine, Kyiv);

Decorative and applied art:
Denis Pillshikov (Ukraine,Kyiv);
Natalia Dakota Otus (Belarus, Minsk);
Alla Mironenko (Ukraine, Odessa);
Anna Sokolova-Buravleva (Russia, Voronezh);
Irina Stepanova (Ukraine, Donetsk);
Katerina Scherbina (Ukraine, Kyiv);
Marina (Ukraine, Odessa);

Graphic design:
Natalia Domenetskaya (Russia, Moscow);|
Oleg Grishko (Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk);

Valeriy Okarskiy (Russia, Volgodonsk);
Dmitry Sheykman (Russia, Yekaterinburg);
Andrey Mitryagin (Russia, Belgorod);
Sergey Meshkov (Russia, Tula);

chestor (Russia, Moscow);
Helena Deryagina (Latvia, Riga);
Mikhail Kretov (Russia, Tver);
Renee Augustine von Morren (Russia, Yekaterinburg);
Albert Belyaev (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod);
Vera Shamrayeva (Russia, Belgorod);
Olga Lisowska (Latvia, Jurmala);
Yuriy Shuvalov (Russia, Moscow);

Visual arts:
Aleksandr Avramenko (Russia, Yalta);
Andrey Domani (Russia, Voronezh);
Bunini (Russia, Pereslavl-Zalesskiy);
Dusan Vukovic (Serbia, Belgrade);
Maria Bertolone (Great Britain, Blackpool);
Nastia Merkulova (Russia, Ross);
Osipova Anzhelika (Russia, Moscow);
Silver12908 (Ukraine, Nikolayev);
Aleksandr Breskin (Ukraine, Kyiv);
Aleksey Kalyakin (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Anastasia Krayneva (Ukraine, Kyiv);
Valeriy Budanov (Russia, Moscow);
Vitaly Stroynov (Russia, Penza);
Yelena Zorina (Russia, Novosibirsk);
Katerina Scherbina (Ukraine, Kyiv);
Mariana Skvortsova (Switzerland, Zurich);
Mikhail Shkvarok (Ukraine, Kyiv);
Sergey Vodolazkin (Russia, Mikhailovka);
Boris Studentsov (Russia, Velikiy Ustyug);
Yuriy Sapozhnikov (Russia, Novokuznetsk);
Irina Yakubik (Russia, Moscow).

In May the number of participants registered on our website has reached 7565, with over 7320 portfolios and 62266 images hosted. Our resource has been visited by citizens of 143 countries and 3100 cities all over the world; the number of browsed pages has exceeded 1 300 000, and the site has been visited by 69 000 guests.

The best commenter of May is Valeriy Granovskiy (Thailand, Bangkok)! Congratulations to Valeriy!

June 1 to 30, the website of the VATIKAM project will be hosting an individual virtual exhibition of works created by Valeriy Granovskiy.  Enter the Exhibitions section to enjoy awesome works of jewelry!

We wish to all of our participants a sunny dinner mood and many warm days!

Administration of the VATIKAM project


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