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News > Next meeting with participants of VATIKAM project in St. Petersburg

On May 7 2015, a meeting took place in St. Petersburg in a conference hall of the Le Vashoff Hotel between the President of the International Association of designers VATIKAM and the project participants.

The meeting gathered specialists from a variety of fields such as woodcarver Andrey Pavlov, jewelers Alexander Zyablitsev and Ksenia Gavrilova, industrial designer Dmitriy Mareyev (FORMA industrial design) and architecture designer Sergey Belyanchikov.

The President of the Association awarded diplomas to winners of the contest “Best Works of the Year 2014” living in St. Petersburg. He gave special acknowledgement to the high professionalism and the contribution of each awardee to project development.

After that, Sergey Belyanchikov spoke of the virtual exposition of the Belyan design studio that took place in Florence, Italy, on April 23 and was devoted to the twentieth anniversary of the design studio.

The meeting finished on a positive note: a lot of cordial words were exchanged between the participants along with wishes of success in further development of the VATIKAM project.


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