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News > Personal exhibition of Nikita Medelets “Design on asharpturn” and contest of school students for automobile and transport design “Motor rally to the past”.

Dear friends!

Nikita Medelets, a participant of the VATIKAM project, adevotedcreatoranda professional automobile designer, is celebrating his thirtieth birthday in May.

His personal exhibition will be taking plac ein the city of Vyksa(Russia, Nizhny Novgorod region) in May 2015, in the historical museum of JSC VMZ. The exhibition will be showing photographic and video materials related to automobile design and research.

To promote automobile design among they out hand to support talented children, the city of Vyksa will be hosting a “Motor rally to the past” open contest of creative works in automobile and transport design.The contest is Nikita’s personal initiative;the historical museum of JSC VMZ “Batashev-Shepelev Estate and factory complex” will be providing support as well.

The contest ends on June 19 2015.

If you are younger than19 and like automobile design, take part in our contest! Propose a design for our “Motorrallyt of the past”, draw your favorite car or race RC vehicles!

For more details of the contest, see:“Design on a sharp turn”

and the personal page of Nikita Medelets:


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