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News > Results of the VATIKAM International Association’s work in March 2015

Dear Friends!

In March 2015 we launched an entirely new global project called ‘VATIKAM and the World Fabricating Industry.’ We are inviting all designers, including students, to take part in working out designs for surface, water, air and space transport. For details, go to “Competitions” and ”News”

The “House of the Future” competition among designers is under way! More than 30 outstanding and diverse portfolios have arrived. The competition is due to end on 21st April 2015. Vote for the projects you like and add your own portfolios! For Regulations for the Participants, please to the “Competitions” section.

Our annual competition “Best Projects of the Year – 2015” is for all the authors who have registered themselves! Any creative talent may get registered and create a portfolio with his or her projects. For details as to how to take part, please go to the “Competitions” section.

Here’s a list of our best authors as of March 2015. It is long, which is a particular pleasure for us:

Interior Design:
Laptyev Dmitry(Kharkiv, Ukraine);
Liydmila Sharshova (Kiev, Ukraine);
Olga(Ishmael, Ukraine);
Zhanna Panteleeva (Izhevsk, Russia);
Aleksandra (Krasnoyarsk, Russia);
Sergey Vladimirovich Belyanchikov (St. Petersburg, Russia);
Irina (Melitopol, Ukraine);
Irina Kapitonova (St. Petersburg, Russia);
Kristina Tsyk (Kaliningrad, Russia);
Liliya (Ufa, Russia);
Liliya (Ufa, Russia);
Tatyana Maksimova (Krasnoyarsk, Russia);
Mariya (Odessa, Ukraine);
Design Studio and interior Bastet(Moscow, Russia);
Yuliya (Krasnodar, Russia);

Svetlana (Odessa, Ukraine);

3D Modelling:
Eugeniya_Nechaeva (Moscow, Russia);
Igor (Chisinau, Moldova);
Konstantin Payevskiy (Moscow, Russia);

Branding and Trademark Style:
Anastasiya (Minsk, Belarus);
Svetlana(Balkhash, Kazakhstan);

Logo Design:
Gaziza Malayeva (Alma-Aty, Kazakhstan);

Elena Senichenko (Kharkiv, Ukraine);
Niki. Galini Iordamidou(Thessaloniki, Greece);
Renee Augustine von Morren (Yekaterinburg, Russia);
Sveta Solarni (Voronezh, Russia);
Valery (Moscow, Russia);
Olga Vysotskaya (Kiev, Ukraine);
Diana Kuznetsova (Moscow, Russia);
Lyudmila (Simferopol, Russia);

Yevgeniya Mult (Sovetskiy, Russia);

Applied and Decorative Arts:
Olga Zelinska (Moscow, Russia);
Yelena (St. Petersburg, Russia);
Vladimir Dragunov (Chernyakhovsk, Russia);
Mara (St. Petersburg, Russia);
Tatyana (Kiev, Ukraine);

Graphic Design:
Eugeniya_Nechaeva (Moscow, Russia);
Inna (Omsk, Russia);
Mariya Dariy (Kiev, Ukraine);
Valery (Moscow, Russia);
Anastasiya (St. Petersburg, Russia);
Natalya (Moscow, Russia);
PKV2 Co-Authorship (Kiev, Ukraine);
Olga Mikhailova (St. Petersburg, Russia);

ArtStudio MalinoDesign (Moscow, Russia);
Visem456 (Kiev, Ukraine);
Valeriy Okarskiy (Volgodonsk, Russia);
Sergey (Tula, Russia);
 Vasiliy (Minsk, Belarus);
Taras (St. Petersburg, Russia);

Floral Design:
Slava Udo (Rostov-na-Donu, Russia);

Anastasiya Gavrilova (Moscow, Russia);
Andrey (Moscow, Russia);
Natalya Zhuk (Minsk, Belarus);
Marina Mokrova (Petrozavodsk, Russia);
Mariya (Kirov, Russia);

Veronika Lebedeva (St. Petersburg, Russia);

Mikhail Gavrilovich Kretov (Tver, Russia);
Renee Augustine von Morren (Yekaterinburg, Russia);
Aleksandr (Zaporizhia, Ukraine);
Albert Belyayev (Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia);
Viktor (Rostov-na-Donu, Russia);
Vladimir Dedov (Sviatohirsk, Ukraine);
Yelena (Yekaterinburg, Russia);
Mariya (Kirov, Russia);
Snezhanna (Zheleznogorsk, Russia);
Yuriy Aleksandrovich Shuvalov (Moscow, Russia);

Pictoral Arts:
Viktor Horyayev (Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine);
Leya73 (Dunaivtsi, Ukraine);
Marianas (Switzerland);
Mariya Dariy (Kiev, Ukraine);
Mark Pol (Amsterdam, the Netherlands);
Nastia Merkulova (Ross, Belarus);
Anzhelika Osipova (Moscow, Russia);
Simon Kozhin(Moscow, Russia);
sio sandra jaya (Bandung, Indonesia);
Vitalreal (Penza, Russia);
Vyacheslav(Almaty, Kazakhstan);
Aleksey Zagorskiy (Moscow, Russia);
Anastasiya (Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine);
VLADIMIR (Nikopol, Ukraine);
Yelena (Kiev, Ukraine);
Sergey Yefremov (Moscow, Russia);
Irina (Krasnoyarsk, Russia);
Igor Lobovich (Klimovsk, Russia);
Nataliya Khubedheva (Donetsk, Ukraine);
Andrey Saratov (Moscow, Russia);
Yuliya (St. Petersburg, Russia);
Irina Yakubik (Moscow, Russia).

In March 2015 we have had 7,486 registered participants, with over 6,950 portfolios and 58,272 pictures published. More than 61,000 users from 2,770 locations in 137 countries have visited our website, having viewed more than 1.22mln pages.

We are always grad to see new authors, excellent work of art and exciting new design projects! Wishing you every success and great achievements in your endevours!

Administration, VATIKAM Project


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