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News > “ART Perm-2015”

On January 15 2015, the president of the International Association VATIKAM has attended the opening of the largest Russian art exhibition “Art Perm” in the city of Perm, Russia.

This is the seventeenth time the event takes place. Over 400 participants from Russian and foreign cities have gathered to exhibit their works. Arts and graphics, sculpture, artistic photography, iconography, decorative and applied arts, collector dolls, national clothing, artistic forging, casting, stamping, mosaics and stained glass, art books, craft works and many more… The variety of exhibits and the talent of participants was astounding!

The attendance of the president of the International Association VATIKAM at the art expo has been a pleasant surprise for many of the participants. The president has talked to many of the artists and authors of works and examined the creations. The participants gladly talked about themselves and gave comment on their works.

Members of the VATIKAM project are taking part in the exhibition: sculptor Ilya Galiulin, painters Vitaliy Nitochkin, Yelena Alikina, Yevgeniy Guselnikov, Ivan and Tatiana Vokhmin, Syuzeva Nataliya, talented designer and scrapbooking master Marina Vlasova.

The president has thanked the participants of the expo and wished them best of luck and every success in future endeavors.


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