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News > Congratulations on the coming New Year 2015!

Dear friends!

We are on the threshold of the coming holidays, Christmas and New Year. As we are celebrating, I’d like to first and foremost thank all of you for your successful participation in the Vatikam project.

During the past year – the first year of our cooperation – we have been through a lot: somebody doubted the project, somebody passed on participating in it, but thanks to your optimism and positive outlook, the Vatikam project has come true.

I am sincerely glad that today we have creative and talented specialists from 132 countries of the world, and this is a serious achievement. You have become an integral part of our project. During such a short period, your works had been browsed over 1 million times, which means publicity and recognition both for you in particular and for the project in general.

Dear friends! In the coming year 2015, we have got much to do. We will be expanding the geographical scope of the project and organize representation of Vatikam in major cities of the world. We have to establish interaction between our project and major corporations of industrial and transport machine-building, ministries of culture and designer centers to implement your ideas and projects, and many more things.

On the eve of Christmas and New Year, we understand more and more how close we are to each other; our mutual support helps us all in making our concepts come to life and keeping creative work active. Only our mutual support brings hope, helps us to develop, move forward and achieve success.

May all your wishes come true in the New Year 2015. I wish to you, your friends and relatives health and happiness, creative successes and achievement of new professional heights. May peace and prosperity prevail in your families. Happy holidays, dear friends!

President of the International Association of designers VATIKAM


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