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Art works contest “New Year postcard”.

Contest participants: anyone willing registered user of the website of the International Association VATIKAM.

Contest start date: November 25th 2014.

Work submission end date: December 19th 2014.

Voting end date: December 22nd 2014.

Contest result announcement date: December 23rd 2014.

To take part in the contest, one has to:

- be a participant of the VATIKAM project registered on the project website;
- have completely filled profile details;
- create a new separate portfolio for the “New Year postcard” contest;
- host samples of one’s works in the portfolio;
- be sure to tick the box titled “Participating in the “New Year postcard” contest”.

Contest nominations:

 - Visual arts;
 - Illustration.

The contest takes one portfolio from each participant which can contain two to three works. It’s preferable that the works have horizontal (“landscape”) orientation. A winners is the participant whose portfolio gets the most votes during the whole voting period.

Votes for works can be given both by participants themselves and registered visitors and guests. To maintain voting objectivity, a rule is set that each registered participant or user may vote only once for one portfolio.

Contest awards: The contest winner will be awarded a special diploma of the International Designers Association VATIKAM. One work out of the contest portfolio (selected by the project Administration) will be displayed as a banner in the top part of the main page of the VATIKAM portal for 1 month.


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