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News > «Parisian Style» contest

Our next contest is devoted to Paris, the capital city of France, the favorite place of all people in love, exquisite and stylish, lyrical and romantic, bustling and vivid city of holiday.

Contest participants: anyone willing who is registered on the website of the International Association VATIKAM.

Contest start date: July 28th 2014.

Contest work application end date: September 28th 2014.

Voting end date: October 3rd 2014.

End result announcement date: October 6th 2014.

Contest nominations:

- Architecture;
- Interior design;
- Exterior design;
- Landscape design.

We invite all interested to reveal their original design projects for interior and exterior, architecture and landscape, as long as they convey the inimitable atmosphere that only Paris possesses. 

To participate in the contest, one has to:

- be a participant of the VATIKAM project registered on the project website;
- have completely filled profile details;
- create a new separate portfolio for the “Parisian Style” contest;
- host samples of one’s works in the portfolio;
- be sure to tick the box titled “Participating in the “Parisian Style” contest”.

The contest takes one portfolio from each participant which can contain five to ten works.

Winners of the first three prizes in each nomination are participants whose portfolios get the most votes during the whole voting period.

Votes for works can be given both by participants themselves and registered visitors and guests. To maintain voting objectivity, a rule is set that each registered participant or user may vote only once for one portfolio.

Contest awards: Authors whose works take the first three places as per the voting results in each nomination will be rewarded with their portfolios hosted on the main website page. From October 7thto November 6th 2014, their portfolios will be displayed on the Welcome page of the VATIKAM website. Winners also will receive special 1st, 2nd and 3rd diplomas of the International Association VATIKAM.


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