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News > Work results of the International Association VATIKAM for December 2022

Dear friends!

In December we are holding the second personal exhibition of works by the jewelry brand «De Grany». The head of the company «De Grany» Valery Stepanovich Granovsky is a member of the jury of all our contests and is a member of the International Association VATIKAM. Jewelry items of the company «De Grany» are unique and amazing. You may come in touch with the world of beauty in the «Exhibition» section of the website.

The results of the Ninth International contest of the association VATIKAM «The best works of 2022» will be announced in early 2023. Follow our news!

Best authors of December:

Alexander Kopeikin;

Interior design:

Alena Chekalina's design studio;
Alexander Kopeikin;
Alexandra Lavrova;
Maria Martyniva;
Svetlana Shtal;

3D modeling:
Konstantin Petrov;
Natalia Stepanova-Tretyakova;

Industrial design:

Interface design:
Elyor Abdullayev;

Jewelry design:
Alexander Shatokhin;
Valery Granovsky;
Tatiana TATOMI;

Accessories design:
Nata Montada;

Elena Zharkova;

Branding and corporate identity:
Elena Miusskaya;
Ekaterina Berezikova;
Natalia Stepanova-Tretyakova;

Graphic design:
Anastasia Tretyakova;
Marina Bagdasaryan;
Elena Zharkova;
Natalia Stepanova-Tretyakova;

Anna Petrova;

Street art:
Vitaly Bigich;

Ekaterina Shevi;
Ekaterina Borodacheva;
Igor Belichenko;
Irina Donchik;
Roman Kukharev;

Decorative and applied art:
Alexander Kazakov;
Alexey Saralidze;
Anatolii Zhamoido;
Andrey Domani;
ArtStudio MalinoDesign;
Lev Malieiev;
Galina Tikhomirova;
Igor Shtelmashenko;
Igor Shumar;
Natalya Bulba;
Vitaly Bigich;
Vladimir Shuvalgin;

Igor Shtelmashenko;
Salavat Mullanurov;
Sergey Chechenov;
Vladimir Dragunov;
Vladimir Filatov;

Fine art:
Alevtina Kozlova;
Alexander Botvinov;
Alexander Gektor;
Anastasia Yaroshevich;

Andrey Domani;
Angelina Damenia;
Artyom Granovskiy;
Bychkov Vladimir;
 Diogen Zhitukhin;
 Elena Sizova;
 Galina Dmitruk;
Galina Tikhomirova;
Gela Philauri;
Irina Yakubik;
Martin Ashkhatoev;
Natalia Vladimirova;
Roman Kukharev;
Sergey Dorofeev;
Sergey Kolba;

Sergey Sidenko;

Tatevik Melkumyan;
Valery Budanov;
Valery Makovoy;
Varuzhan Hayrapetyan;
Victor Filippsky;
Yuri Sapozhnikov.

In December 2022 the VATIKAM website was visited by residents of 199 countries and 10670 cities of the world, 35 136 18 pages were viewed in total, the number of visitors to the website was 479 106 people.

If you have any questions, please write to e-mail:

Administration of the project VATIKAM. 

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