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News > Work results of the International Association VATIKAN for October 2020

Dear friends!

A personal exhibition of the remarkable artist-illustrator Ekaterina Borodacheva opens today. The exhibition is symbolically named «Eleven» because her first book was published eleven years ago. 

Now Ekaterina Borodacheva cooperates with many publishing houses in Russia and Europe, her works are in private collections in Russia, Serbia, Spain and China.

We continue the contest for interior designers «Favourite interior style». More than thirty portfolios have already been submitted to the contest, you are welcome to take part as well! Read the contest terms on the VATIKAM website in the section «Contests».

The interior is made by the Yulia Pokrovskaya and Inna Volvak’s design studio

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Best authors of October:

Arkady Russia;
Konstantin Petrov Russia;
Pavel Voevodin Russia;

Interior design:
Alena Chekalina’s design studio Russia;
Alex Patanin Ukraine;

Artemiy Saranin Russia;
Interior design studio Natali Russia;
Nadezhda Vedrova Russia;
Tatiana Antonchenko Belarus;
Yulia Pokrovskaya and Inna Volvak’s design studio Russia;
Zhanna Panteleeva Russia;

Alex Patanin Ukraine;
Oleg Minakov Belarus;

Jewelry design:
Valery Granovsky Thailand;

Vladimir Yachmenev Russia;

Elena Glukhova Russia;
Inna Gulevataya Russia;
Mila Goldinova Ukraine;
Olga Bulatova Russia;

Accessories design:
Igor Shtelmashenko Russia;
Mara Russia;
Natalia Vavilina Russia;
Natalya Bulba Ukraine;
Pauline Velikoretskaya  Russia;
Yuliya Singayevska Argentina;

Graphic design:
Ekaterina Kuzmenko Russia;
Elena Miusskaya Russia;
Irina Donchik Russia;
Marina Bagdasaryan Russia;
Viktor Russia;

Ekaterina Borodacheva Russia;
Ilya Gutkovskiy Russia;

Roman AB Dioneth Russia;

Marina Bagdasaryan Россия;

Anatoly Radishevsky Ukraine;
Victor Russia;

Decorative and applied art:
Alexander Bashorin Russia;

Alexey Saralidze Russia;
Anatoly Russia;
Galina Berdnikova Russia;
Helena Russia;
Igor Shumar Russia;
Irina Nesterova Russia;
Lyudmila Pelymskaya Moldova;
Mikhail Treshchin Russia;
Mohammed Barin Dagestan;
Nata Montada Russia;
Natalia Dakota Otus Russia;
Viktor Morozov Russia;
Viktor Pchelin Russia;

Andrey Mitryagin Belgorod;
Evgeny Ivanov Russia;
Gridasov's creative studio Russia;
Igor Shtelmashenko Russia;
Mila Zakatova Russia;
Salavat Mullanurov Russia;
Sergey Klyuchnikov Russia;
Vitaly Semenchenko Ukraine;
Vladimir Dragunov Russia;

Vladimir Filatov Russia;


Albert Belyaev Russia;
Anna Russia;
Elena Brezhitskaya Russia;
Evgeny Pechenin Russia;
Ilya Gutkovskiy Russia;
Inna Russia;
Marina Nesterova Russia;
Viktor Pchelin Russia;

Fine art:
Alexander Botvinov Russia;
Alexander Gektor Latvia;
Alexey Zagorsky Russia;
Anastasia Yaroshevich Ukraine;
Andrey Domanin Russia;
Andrey Vishnevsky Russia;|
Angelina Damenia Georgia;
Anna Petrova Russia;
Boussignac Patrick France;
Dmitruk Galina Ukraine;
Gela Philauri Georgia;
Gustavo Vazquez King Spain;
Irina Donchik Russia;
Irina Yakubik Russia;
Martin Ashkhatoev Georgia;
Mikhail Rudnik Russia;
Natalia Dakota Otus Russia;
Natalia Skrynnikova Russia;
Natalia Stepanova-Tretyakova Russia;
Olga Dolgikh Russia;
Olga Tkacheva Russia;
Rami Meir Russia;
Roman Kukharev Russia;
Sergey Dorofeev Russia;
Sergey Kolba Ukraine;
Sergey Sidenko Kazakhstan;
Tetiana Lukianchenko Ukraine;
Valery Alekseev Ukraine;
Valery Budanov Russia;
Valery Makovoy Latvia;
Viktor Filippsky Russia;

Vladimir Konev Russia;
Yuri Piskunov Russia;
Yuri Sapozhnikov Russia;
Yuri Sarukhanov Armenia.

In October 2020 the VATIKAM website was visited by residents of 192 countries and 8920 cities of the world, a total of 22 326 563 pages were viewed, the number of visitors of the website was 370 591 people.

Administration of the project VATIKAM.

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