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The contest «Futurism – is the future of design» continues to accept works. We invite designers of all specialties to participate!

Author Patanin Alexander

The VATIKAM website hosts an exhibition of works by the industrial design studio FORMA. Specialists of FORMA Industrial Design have been creating various projects for more than 9 years, many of them have been awarded at international contests.

2017. Cabin of the electric train TVZ (Russia)

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Best authors of May:

Alex Patanin Ukraine;
Lilia Nuzhnaya Ukraine;

Interior design:
Alex Patanin Ukraine;

Artemiy Saranin Russia;
Interior design studio «HG Design» Ukraine;
Iryna Nevo France;

Tatiana Antonchenko Belarus;
Viktor Bovsunovsky Russia;

Landscape design:
Elena Panina Russia;
Natalia Stepanova-Tretyakova Russia;

Tatiana Arsyonova Russia;

Alexander Patanin Ukraine;
Maxim Lyubetsky Russia;

Sergey Belyanchikov Russia;

Jewelry design:
Tatiana TATOMI Russia;
Valery Granovsky Thailand;
Yuri Kochubeev Ukraine;

Accessories design:
Igor Shtel’mashenko Russia;

Graphic design:
Denis Russia;
Elena Miusskaya Russia;
Inna Gulevataya Russia;
Irina Donchik Russia;
Natalia Stepanova-Tretyakova Russia;
Nikolay Kostrubin Russia;
Sergey Sidenko Russia;
Valery Granovsky Thailand;
Vasily Gaikalov Russia;
Victor Babikov Russia;

Industrial design:

Project studio FORMA Russia;

Models and prototypes:

Igor Marukha Ukraine;

Liana Rustamyan Armenia;
Veronica Lebedeva Russia;

Decorative and applied art:  
Alexander Bashorin Russia;
Alexey Saralidze Russia;
Alexey Zagorsky Russia;
Irina Nesterova Russia;
Igor Shtel’mashenko Russia;
Igor Shumar Russia;
Irina Bast Russia;
Lidia Koifman Israel;
Lyudmila Pelymskaya Moldova;
Oleg Yashkin Russia;
Sergey Golyshev Russia;
Tamara Russia;

Alexey Saralidze Russia;
Alisker Iskenderov Azerbaijan;
Dmitry Russia;
Gennady Manekin Russia;
Gridasov’s creative studio Russia;
Igor Belov Russia;
Konstantin Efimov Russia;
Salavat Mullanurov Russia;
Sergey Chechenov Russia;
Sergey Klyuchnikov Russia;
Vasily Kazakov Russia;
Vitaly Lyashov Russia;
Vitaly Semenchenko Ukraine;
Vladimir Bychkov Russia;
Vladimir Dragunov Russia;
Vladimir Filatov Russia;
Yuri Sarukhanov Armenia;

Anna Petrova Russia;
Elena Brezhitskaya Russia;
Evgeny Misyura Russia;
Evgeny Pechenin Russia;
Galina Shchipakina Russia;
Inna Russia;

Fine art:
Alevtina Kozlova Uzbekistan;
Alexander Bezrodnykh Russia;
Alexander Botvinov Russia;
Alexander Gektor Latvia;
Alexey Kalyakin Russia;
Alexey Malinovsky Russia;
Amiran Georgia;
Anastasia Yaroshevich Ukraine;
Andrey Domanin Russia;
Anna Kochetova Russia;
Angelina Damenia Georgia;
Anna Petrova Russia;
Dmitruk Galina Ukraine;
Elena Sizova Russia;
Evgeny Kislitsyn Russia;
Gela Philauri Georgia;
Gustavo Vazquez King Spain;
Inna Volvak Russia;
Irina Donchik Russia;
Irina Kvetka Ukraine;
Irina Miroshnikova Russia;
Irina Teremovskaya Russia;
Jamal Georgia;
Julia Kuryaeva Russia;
Lena Wanner Germany;
Maka Berdzenishvili Georgia;
Mamia Koralyani France;
Maria Bertolone United Kingdom;
Marina Nesterova Russia;
Martin Ashkhatoev Georgia;
Marusya Manasyan Armenia;
Mikhail Rudnik Russia;
Nadezhda Sosnovikova Russia;
Natalia Khubedzheva Russia;
Natalia Shurgaia Georgia;
Natalia Stepanova-Tretyakova Russia;
Roman Kukharev Russia;
Natalia Vladimirova Ukraine;
Nataliya Tori Ilchenko Greece;
Rami Meir Russia;
Sergey Demidenko Russia;
Sergey Dorofeev Russia;
Sergey Efremov Russia;
Sergey Kol’ba Ukraine;
Sergey Oleynikov Russia;
Sergey Sidenko Kazakhstan;
Tatevik Melkumyan Armenia;
Tatiana Larina Russia;
Tatiana Lukyanchenko Ukraine;
Tatiana Melnichuk Ukraine;
Tatiana Zolotukhina Ukraine;
Tetiana Lukianchenko Ukraine;
Valery Makovoy Latvia;
Vasily Gaikalov Russia;
Viktor Filippsky Russia;
Vitaly Bigich Ukraine;
Vladimir Khutko Russia;
Yuri Sapozhnikov Russia;
Yuri Sarukhanov Armenia;

In May 2020 the VATIKAM website was visited by residents of 190 countries and 8258  cities of the world, a total of 19 696 771 pages were viewed, and the number of visitors to the website was 347 641 people.

Administration of the project VATIKAM.

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