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Author Sveta Solarni @sveta_solarni 

Dear colleagues!

Dear friends!

Today, on the eve of 2020, I want to congratulate you, your families, your relatives and friends with the coming New Year! I wish you good health, happiness, prosperity, success in business, new and new achievements!

This outgoing year was special for us, December 21 was the 6th anniversary of our organization.

We are glad and happy that today our site is visited from 187 countries of the world, the number of visitors to the site has exceeded 330 thousand people.

I am grateful to all visitors who pay attention to our project and especially to our project participants’ works.

My dear friends, I express my gratitude to you, our participants, I would like to especially note the contribution that you make to the life of each person. Your works, designers’ projects every day and every year change human life for the better, create more comfortable conditions of human life on Earth, ensuring the future of a man on the planet Earth.

Many of you, creating new projects, care about the preservation, protection of the ecology and the environment, and generally make a personal contribution to improving the environmental safety of our planet, for which I thank you very much and bow deeply.

Dear friends, keep it up, and future generations will be grateful to you.

My dear friends, in the new year 2020 I wish peace on earth, I wish new creative achievements! May this new year be the year of new friends for you. May there always be joy and love in your families.

Happy New Year 2020, my dears!

Yours sincerely, Kamo Saakyan,

President of the International Association VATIKAM.


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Шумар Игорь


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С Новым Годом!!!
Всем Здоровья, Счастья и творчиских Успехов!

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Всех с Новым годом! Позднее но от всей души поздравление из-за проблем с инетом 🍾🥂