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News > Personal exhibition of works of the artist Martin Ashkhatoev

The personal exhibition of works of the artist Martin Ashkhatoev, the participant of the project VATIKAM and the Member of the International Association VATIKAM, was held at the state folklore centre of Georgia in Tbilisi from May 20 to May 23, 2019.

The opening day was attended by about 200 people, among whom there were acquaintances, friends, visitors, guests. The report about the exhibition was shown on central television in the news of culture. Being in the tourist area of the capital, the gallery gave the opportunity to visit the exhibition to a large number of people, both local people and visiting guests.

Martin Ashkhatoev expressed gratitude to the guests of the exhibition:

 «I thank everyone who visited my fifth anniversary exhibition. Want to introduce everyone with whom we managed to make memorable photos together:
- Representative of the gallery Gocha Balavadze.
- My favourite teacher Muravleva Svetlana Nikolaevna, classmate Inga Kavtaradze.
- Valery Kocharov (group Blitz), professor dear Karaman Pagava, Levan Kapanadze (group Bermukha).
- The wife of the deceased leader of the group Bermukha Bachi Kitiashvili dear Tina Kitiashvili.
- Curator of the apartment-museum named after Vakhtang Chabukiani dear David Dzhangveladze, doctor-therapist professor dear Manana Gabuniya, TV journalist of the patriarchy dear Soso Tkebuchava.
- Famous photographers Maiko Deisadze and Yuri Mechitov, bank manager Mikhail Agakhanyan, psychotherapist dear Gia Sulakvelidze.
- Guests from Yerevan – citizen of Armenia artist Fritz Richard Klaus von Steinhoff Rudiger-Botz with his wife.
- Professor-historian lecturer of the Tbilisi state university named after Ivane Dzhavakhishvili dear Khatuna Shtaadze.
- Representatives of the unique ceramic manufactory - the Manager of the transportation department of the civil aviation agency of Georgia dear Mikhail Samkharadze.
- Head of the department of microsurgery of the clinic named after Aramyants dear professor Temur Kopadze.
- Guest from Baku the producer-chronic of the newspaper Republic of the presidential apparatus dear Shakhin Akhmedov.
- Guest from Moscow fashion designer dear Arina Timoshina.
- Lecturer and coach of schools leaders-status the leading teacher of Georgia dear Natalia Kochladze.
- Representative of the national congress of the Slavic people of Georgia dear Lika Zakharova with her husband.
- Artists Emzar Tsirdava, Guram Gabashvili».



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Мои поздравления!!! Творческих успехов!!!

Small 4acafa2dd4

Благодарю Ирина!

Small 13c814076c

Поздравляю ! Но.. одни групповые фото,а картины теряются на заднем плане , и не рассмотреть .

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Приветствую Валерий и благодарю! Так получилось, что не полностью собрал фотки но все мои работы можно посмотреть на сайте в моем профиле! 🍾🥂

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Искренние поздравления! Восхитительные картины! Чудесная тёплая атмосфера выставки!

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Благодарю Наталья и большим запозданием поздравляю с Новым годом! Не заходил на сайты из-за небольших проблем!

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Valeriy Granovskiy

Поздравляю Мартин! Успехов и здоровья!

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Благодарю Валерий! С большим запозданием с Новым годом! Успехов и крепкого здоровья!

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Шумар Игорь

Поздравляю !!!

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Благодарю Игорь и с Новым годом! Не смог поздравить раньше проблемы с инетом