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Feedback from the participants of the project VATIKAM:

Kochubeev Yuri Anatolevich:

For me personally and for my entourage and loved ones associative participation in the Vatikam is a significant event. This shows that at this hardest time for our country and Donetsk we are not forgotten and abandoned. And I'm not in vain creating works of jewelry art, for which here and now there is no demand. Once again thanks to the whole team Vatikam for cooperation in the field of popularization of jewelry art.

Sergey Zorov:

Hello dear Kamo Saakyan and the Administration of the project VATIKAM, let me thank you for the honorary diploma of the Laureate of the International contest “Best works - 2018”!  received by me. Your support in my work is very important for me. Want to wish you success in your project VATIKAM, and in our common affair to stand guard over creativity and high art.

Lebedeva Veronica:

Many thanks to everyone and the Administration of the project in particular! Thank you for being here and provide a lot of opportunities for growth, creative development and interesting communication in your area! Thank you for the high appreciation of my creativity and wish further prosperity and expansion of opportunities to the project in the new year!

Hrachya Vardanyan:

Deeply respected Kamo Vagarshakovich,
Already the second day I am numb with feeling of gratitude.
If only I could convey all the feelings of warmth and light that are now in my soul to you and to VATIKAM on the occasion of awarding me a diploma and a congratulatory letter from the President.
Thank you, the sincerest human thank you.

Repin Igor:

Hello, dear Kamo Vagarshakovich.
Thank you personally for such high praise of my work.
Also I want to express my gratitude to all members of the jury M. A. VATIKAM.
I wish you all success in your work.

Alevtina Kozlova:
Dear Administration of Watikam!  Thank you cordially for your high appreciation and awarding me a diploma!  Wish you further success in your comprehensive and highly intellectual work, which people need!.

Ashkhatoev Martin:

Sincerely thank the president of the association Kamo Saakyan and all members of the administration for the award! I wish you all good health all the best in life and prosperity of the website!

Irina Donchik:

Dear organizers of the project.
I thank you for giving me the opportunity
in organizing a personal exhibition on your website.
Thank you very much for appreciation of my work.

Valery Granovskiy:

Dear Mr. Saakyan, dear Administration! Thank you very much for your attention to me, for me the Diploma it is a great honor and attention to my humble person. You may always count on me and my support because the project VATIKAM is very important for creative people and gives us confidence and usefulness in the society.

Vasily Gaykalov:

Good time to the JURY and all PARTICIPANTS of VATIKAM ! Thank you for the awarded Diploma, evaluating my modest creative work! THANK YOU!!!


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Уважаемые господин Саакян, администрация и все, кто занимается продвижением необычных людей и их творчества! Позвольте поблагодарить Вас за вручение моим работам Диплома. Ему - самое видное место в доме.Я очень горжусь этим. Когда-то хотела прекратить своё занятие. Однако Ваш проект хорош как для самооценки, так и для обозрения всего лучшего, что могут создать творческие люди. Это стимулирует, подтягивает, не даёт расслабляться. Спасибо!

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Шумар Игорь

Уважаемая администрация сайта и господин Саакян! Благодарю Вас за то, что вы дали стимул к творческому развитию в резьбе.

Small 88d5fb20a3

Я очень Вам благодарен за ваш усердный труд .это огромный стимул от вас как подарок творческой личности

Small 88a1a0a4d1

Уважаемый господин Саакян, уважаемая Администрация сайта VATICAM! Хочу выразить огромную благодарность за великолепный проект, позволяющий видеть уникальные произведения искусства, общаться с интереснейшими творческими личностями и осознавать себя частью этого огромного мира творчества. И от всей души благодарю за высокую оценку моего скромного творчества!