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News > Work results of the International Association VATIKAM for September 2019.

Dear friends!

The contest «Toys design» is over! We thank everyone who participated and shared with us photo of wonderful toys made in different genres from various materials:

Unbreakable toy, Anatoly Zhamoido’s authors’ works

International Association of designers VATIKAM announces the beginning of the contest «Graphic design», about contest rules please read on our official website

Logos design, designer Ekaterina Shevi

The illustrator Diana Kuznetsova’s exhibition has gained more than 12 000 views, a great result! We wish Diana inspiration for creation of new illustrations and interesting projects implementation!

Today a personal exhibition of architect Maxim Lyubetskiy is opening, we invite you to see

Best authors of September:

Interior design:
Artemy Saranin (Russia, Perm);
Galina & Leonid Slesarenko (Russia, Moscow);
Garage Faktory (Russia, Kazan);
Natalia Buchneva (Russia, Chelyabinsk);
Rodionova Julia (Russia, Moscow);
Tatyana (Russia, Moscow);
Tatyana Antonchenko (Belarus, Minsk);

Alexander Patanin (Ukraine, Odessa);
Maxim Lyubetsky (Russia, Sochi);
Oleg Minakov (Belarus, Minsk);

Transport design:
Arthur Saifutdinov (Russia, Surgut);
Vladislav (Russia, Chelyabinsk);

Jewelry design:
Valeriy Granovskiy (Thailand, Bangkok);
Yuri Kochubeev (Ukraine, Kiev);

Graphic design:

Bunini (Russia, Moscow);
Inna Gulevataya (Russia, Omsk);
Natalia Domenetskaya (Russia, Moscow);

Decorative and applied art:
Anastasia Yakusheva (Russia, Magnitogorsk);
Anna Petrova (Russia, Moscow);
Christina Kazinets (Belarus, Minsk);
Igor Shtel’mashenko (Russia, Pyatigorsk);
Igor Shumar (Russia, Mirny);
Irina Bast (Russia, Saint-Petersburg);
Irina Donchik (Russia, Krasnoyarsk);
Lyudmila Pelymskaya (Moldova, Tiraspol);

Mikhail Treshchin (Russia, Tolyatti);
Serishev (Russia, Polessk);

Sankovi (Ukraine, Rivne);

Toys design:
Anatoly Zhamoido (Ukraine , Kharkov);
Natalia Vladimirova (Ukraine, Kharkov);
Natalia Stepanova-Tretyakova (Russia, Belgorod);
Victoria Bondareva-Volikova (Ukraine, Kharkov);

Alisker Iskenderov (Azerbaijan, Baku);
Andrey Mitryagin (Russia, Belgorod);
Roman Kukharev (Russia, Moscow);

Albert Belyaev (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod);
Chestor (Russia, Moscow);
Elena Brezhitskaya (Russia, Pyatigorsk);
Ilya Gutkovski (Russia, Tula);
Mila (Russia, Moscow);

Bunini (Russia, Moscow);

Anna Buravleva (Russia, Voronezh);

Fine art:
Alevtina Kozlova (Uzbekistan, Tashkent);
Alex Rext (Russia, Moscow);
Alexander Botvinov (Russia, Rostov-on-Don);
Alexander Gektor (Latvia);
Alexey Kalyakin (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Anastasia Yaroshevich (Ukraine, Krivoy Rog);
Andrey Domani (Russia, Voronezh);
Angelina Damenia (Georgia, Tbilisi);
Anna Petrova (Russia, Moscow);
Elena Sizova (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Gela Philauri (Georgia, Tbilisi);
Irina Bast (Russia, Saint-Petersburg);
Irina Yakubik (Russia, Moscow);
Maria Bertolone (United Kingdom, Blackpool);
Natalia Khubedzheva (Ukraine, Donetsk);
Natalia Stepanova-Tretyakova (Russia, Belgorod);
Sergey Dorofeev (Russia, Moscow);
Sergey Sidenko (Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk);
Tatiana Lukyanchenko (Ukraine, Kiev);
Valery Alekseev (Ukraine, Mariupol);
Valery Budanov (Russia, Moscow);
Vasily Zherebilo (Russia, Azov);
Viktor Philippskiy (Russia,Volgodonsk);
Vitaly Bigich (Ukraine, Krivoy Rog);
Vitaly Stroynov (Russia, Penza);
Yuri Sapozhnikov (Russia, Saint-Petersburg);

Children’s creative works:
Anastasia Tretyakova (Russia, Belgorod);
Sofia Orlova (Moscow, Russia).

In September 2019 our resource has been visited by citizens of 186 countries and 7509 cities in the world, number of browsed pages is more than 16 811 741, number of regular visitors of the website is more than 305 863 people.

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