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News > Work Results of the International Association VATIKAM for May 2014.

Our dear talented participants of the VATIKAM project! The summer has come. We are summing up the results of May, the last month of spring.

The best authors of works in May are:


Victoria (Moscow, Russia);

Dasha Berezhna (Ukraine);

Industrial design:

Pavel Guzev (Tashkent, Uzbekistan);

Oleg Minakov (Minsk, Belarus);

Jewelry design:

Valeriy (Bangkok, Thailand);

Ksenia (Saint Petersburg, Russia);  

Toy design:

Anna Chepurnaya-Oleynik (Brest, Belarus);

Interior design:

Marina (Moscow, Russia);

Evgeniy Kondratev (Saint Petersburg, Russia);

Alexander (Tambov, Russia);

Mikhail Kisenko (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

Graphic design:

Levonella El! (Russia);

Oleg (Kerch, Russia);

Irek (Russia);


Natalia Dakota Otus  (Minsk, Belarus)


Alexander Skachkov (Varna, Bulgaria);

Kerryme (Noginsk, Russia);

Bylina Tatyana (Cherkassy, Ukraine);

Maria (Ukraine);

Visual arts:

Laisk (Yaroslavl, Russia);

Anna Smorygina (Saint Petersburg, Russia);

Katerina Pyatakova (Kyiv, Ukraine);

Anastasia (Krivoy Rog, Ukraine);

Avramenko Aleksandr (Yalta, Ukraine);

Vladimir (Yekaterinburg, Russia);

Yekaterina Shuvalova (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine);

Yekaterina (Odessa, Ukraine);

Vadim Zerrt (Saint Petersburg, Russia);

Minaeva Anna (Moscow, Russia);

Naaris (Moscow, Russia);

Vladimir Gurin (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine);

Diev Alexander (Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Russia);

Yelena Alikina (Perm, Russia);

Vitalreal (Penza, Russia);

Irina Zlivka-Yegorova (Kharkov, Ukraine);

Igor Zaborskikh (Kaliningrad, Russia);

Igor Posokhin (Zhigulyovsk, Russia);

Irina Yakubik (Moscow, Russia);

Nikolay Morovskiy (Cherkassy, Ukraine);

Decorative and applied arts:

Natalia (Cherkassy, Ukraine);

ROM-Dekor (Novocherkassk, Russia);

Viktor Kuznetsov (Lugansk, Ukraineк);

Tatiana Stepanenko (Ukraine);

Miхail47 (Togliatti, Russia);

Anna (Novosibirsk, Russia);

Sergei Khomenko (Belaya Tserkov, Ukraine);

Polynova Olga (Moscow, Russia);

Maria Balloge (Moscow, Russia);

EKATERINA (Milan, Italy);

Phoenix (Kyiv, Ukraine),


Verbytska Polina (Kyiv, Ukraine);


Helena Deryagina (Riga, Latvia);

Yuriy Shuvalov (Moscow, Russia);

Tatiana (Minsk, Belarus);

Valeriy Gagarinov (Kirov, Russia);

Andrey (Moscow, Russia);

Anatoly Klepeshnyov (Shumilino, Belarus);

The top-three of the leaders saw no changes: Anatoly (“Art House” design studio, Tyumen, Russia), Karen Ogannesyan (Yerevan, Armenia) and  Goncharova Tanya (Vitebsk, Belarus) are still holding the first places as per voting results. We are very glad for you, congratulations!

The most active commenters are: Valeriy (Bangkok, Thailand), Helena Deryagina (Riga, Latvia) and Nikolay Morozovskiy (Cherkassy, Ukraine).

Dear authors, website guests and friends! Our website currently has over 3050 registered users and hosts over 3370 portfolios. Our resource has been visited by citizens of 104 countries and 1217 cities all over the world, and the number of browsed pages has exceeded 489000.

At the end we would like to quote a wish left hosted by our amazing participant Valeriy (Bangkok, Thailand):

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

You are on the website of the VATIKAM project which is holding a contest for creative persons.

We, the authors of the works, are collecting emotions that we cannot see but can hear as soon as you register on the website and raise your voice via the VOTE window and by leaving comments below the author works.

The jury of the contest is evaluating works of authors by the number of your emotions – your votes!

We wish you all best of luck in our contest!

Administration of the project VATIKAM.


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