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News > First international contest of VATIKAM association

The international association of designers VATIKAM announces the establishment of an annual contest “Best Works of the Year”.

Prize fund: 10000 US dollars.

Purposes of contest: to attract students and graduates of designer, art and architecture schools, including specialists in designer and art professions, for participation in the project to identify the most talented;

- To attract employers for selecting and employing candidates out of the project participants;

- To attract contest participants for executing various designer and creative orders;

- To aid project participants in promoting their creative ideas, both in their country of residence and abroad.

Aim of contest: Participants are offered to showcase their new and original ideas and works.

Contest participants: The contest invites for participation all interested designers and specialists of art professions, dents and graduates of designer and art schools registered on the website of the international association VATIKAM, having their own profiles and portfolios.

Address for participant registration:

The contest and voting begin on January 1st 2014 at 00:00.

Contest page:

Paris, 2013


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