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News > Congratulation on the coming 2019 year

Artist Sergey Dorofeev

Dear friends, participants of the project VATIKAM!

The joyful time of pleasant cares and winter holidays is coming, very soon we will gather at festive table to celebrate the New Year and Christmas.

Traditionally we would like to sum up the results of the outgoing year.

2018 was the anniversary year for the Association VATIKAM. In December 2013, five years ago, the International Association of specialists of creative professions VATIKAM was registered in Paris. At the time of creation of the website VATIKAM we set a goal to make the large-scale international project uniting not just designers, artists, sculptors, but also keen, creative, thinking people.

With our joint efforts we were able to create, I am not afraid of this word, a whole state in the Internet space, where, thanks to your talent and our support, the borders between continents and countries are blurred, residents of different countries and cities may freely communicate, look for and find work, place their portfolios. Employers and customers have an opportunity to place vacancies and orders.

At the present the project VATIKAM has grown and stepped far beyond the Internet space, our offices are open in Russia, France and Armenia, and also there are offices in Ukraine and Belarus. We hold exhibitions of our participants, including abroad.

Membership in the International Association VATIKAM became a sign of prestige and high professional status. The international Association VATIKAM is the official partner of the largest international organization – the Assembly of the peoples of Eurasia.

Now the audience of VATIKAM covers 176 countries, 6589 cities, more than 260 000 users and more than 14 million views of your works.

Success of the project VATIKAM – is our common success, dear friends! In the last days of the outgoing year I would like to thank you for your active participation in the contests, for your bright works, for the friendly atmosphere on the website created by us together.

Congratulate you on the fifth anniversary of the International Association VATIKAM! Wish you and your family happiness and joy in the coming year, good mood, warm family hearth, health and emotional balance, success and professional victories! I am confident that the coming year will be even more successful for us.

The President of the International Association of designers VATIKAM,
Kamo Vagarshakovich Saakyan.

Paris, France.
December 2018.


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Желаю всем в Новом году всего прекрасного в жизни!