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News > Style «Eclecticism» in an interior through Tatiana Antonchenko’s eyes.

Eclecticism – a symbiosis of all styles! It is a mix of styles, a combination of incompatible. This is a subtle feature, which I emphasize and finish series of articles about interior styles in my rubric «Interior styles through Tatiana Antonchenko’s eyes».

Indeed, eclecticism is a very multifaceted, complex, subtle style. With confidence I may declare that observance of a fine line separating harmonious combination of stylistic "porridge", is under force only of professionals of a very high level or people with the finest taste.

The word «eclecticism» translated from Greek means «choosing», and exactly this meaning defines the essence of the direction of the style with this name. A complex combination of different and, sometimes, even quite opposite and incompatible in artistic sense, style and origin elements for the design of such an interior is natural.

Even if eclecticism in an interior did not exist, it would not hurt to create it. That is exactly what happened. Styles of the past have their own characteristics, which are quite appropriate in today's realities, and not to attach importance to the achievements of the past - a thankless job. So there was a need to create a special style in which it would be possible to combine and mix everything one’s need. The main thing - is not to lose the general idea.

To some extent eclecticism has always existed as an inevitable consequence of the dialogue of different cultures, however, the fundamental principle of art has become exactly in the 19th century.

Fashionable and relevant became everything that was comfortable and beautiful in interiors of past styles. Eclecticism in an interior - is a combination of interior items of two or three different styles, united by colour, texture, architectural solution. Repetition and mixing of different historical styles are characteristic: Rococo, Renaissance, Empire and others even within the same product. Today eclecticism attracts people with its unusualness and originality, but at the same time, the harmony of combinations.

Also this style is interesting to us for its magnificent ability to combine in an interior old and new, western and eastern. The consequence of these experiments is, for example, is the connection of ethnic style with art deco and high-tech.

The «pitfall» of this direction may be called balance.

Special mastery requires the use of such popular today ethnic motifs because of their brightness. For example, typical for French Provence whitewashed carved furniture and blankets made in the technique of patchwork, you may «dilute» with a completely contrasting style. Constructivist details - bedside table, lamp, clothes hanger - only emphasize the "rural" beauty, at the same time making the interior more modern.

Often in eclecticism you may find handmade products, vintage items, as well as things which main task - is to create coziness. After all in strict compliance with this or that style sometimes it is needed to infringe comfortable component. And mixing styles was necessary in order to correct this omission. And if you cannot live without your favorite wicker rocking chair, do not deny yourself the pleasure to put it in the bedroom!

Exactly attraction to coziness and comfort causes presence in the eclectic interiors a large number of the most diverse textiles. These are and thick soft carpets, and heavy «sun-protection» curtains, and checkered pillows, with stripes or with floral ornament. However without a unifying theme all this variety of details risks to remain just a set of details, but not a single unit. The simplest - is the common colour scheme. For example, walls, furniture and textiles, designed in related, but not contrasting colors.

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Specially for the International Association VATIKAM (Paris, France), Tatiana Antonchenko.

P.S. Hope and really want that all collected by me materials about interior styles were useful to you! The greatest wealth and enormous resources for a person – is information. Absorb information, develop, share information, do not be greedy for information. Only so we will be rich in the World! After all it is not for nothing that the author of the catch phrase «he who owns the information, owns the world» was Nathan Rothschild – the founder of one of the richest in England branches of the Rothschild, who successfully traded in British textiles and after some time founded his own bank.

Sincerely yours, Tatiana Antonchenko.

Thank me, you and sources for information!


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