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News > Ethno styles: interior style «Alpine chalet» through Tatiana Antonchenko's eyes.

20th century.

Chalet style originated in Savoy, in an ancient province in the South-East of France, bordering Italy and Switzerland. This style absorbed rich history of the Alpine mountains and unique local traditions.

Translated from the French «chalet» - shawl, warmth and, actually, Swiss house in mountains. Originally Alpine chalet - this is a solidly built of massive balks dwelling, designed to protect shepherds from the bad weather in the mountains. Chalets were built from available materials - wood and stone.

Chalet - is not just an architectural style and not just an ordinary house. It consists of rich history of the Alpine mountains and the unique traditions of the inhabitants of the Alps. To live in a chalet - means to breath the air of a coniferous forest. To receive guests in your chalet - means to be all together and not to disturb each other, as the organization of the internal space of a chalet is unique.

Chalet style is chosen by those who want to create for themselves a living, safeguarding and protecting from any external negative house.

A distinctive feature of the style is a peaceful, warm and cozy atmosphere of the house. Therefore all options that contribute to the achievement of this impression may be easily applied here. Among colour combinations are used warm and calm tones, dominated by pastel shades.

Colour decoration of the chalet-style house is usually maintained in shades of wood and stone, natural fabrics and wool. Autumn tones - "rusty" falling leaf, dark forest honey, baked milk and burgundy cranberries on the background of browned greenery – do not contrast with wooden surfaces, but create interesting nuances that attract the attention of subtle consistency of a colour range.

Romance of usage of "rough" materials allows to make an interior alive and warm, full of naturalness, naturality.

And the floor and ceiling are usually made of wood. Obligatory attribute - ceiling beams. Walls are plastered, whitewashed and decorated with wooden constructions.

An interior in the chalet style should not seem new, otherwise the charm of old, abandoned somewhere in mountains home will disappear. Therefore, in the interiors of the Chalet use of aged and patina-covered wood.

An essential attribute of the house in the chalet style is a fireplace, often lined with stone, which not only heats the house, but also serves as a central part of the living space, creating a cozy atmosphere in the house.

A special charm in the decoration of the house-chalet make screens, which also make the interior exquisite and different from all the others. In order to build a screen for the chalet, it is needed a little: a thin girder, a cut of tapestry and elegant loops.

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