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News > Work results of the International Association VATIKAM for October 2018.

Dear friends!

In October 2018 the President of the International Association VATIKAM Kamo Saakyan took part in several events in the fюcontext of the La Francophonie Days of the 17th summit of La Francophonie in Armenia.

«10» October 2018 in Yerevan (Armenia) was held a meeting of the President of the International Association VATIKAM Kamo Saakyan and the member of the International Association VATIKAM the famous architect Rachya Vardanyan. The participants of the meeting discussed the prospects of development of the Association VATIKAM and issues of further cooperation.

Dear jewelry designers! «The contest of jewelry art» has been extended until November 28, post your work! We will sum up the results on November 29.

Author Igor Kontorskyy

We also remind you that two months are left before the end of voting in the fifth annual international contest «Best works of 2018». Invite your friends, colleagues and acquaintances to vote for your works!

The personal exhibition «Point to point» of the artist Irina Donchik is continuing, watch the unique drawings made in the technique of dot painting!

Best authors of October:

Interior design:
Diff.Studio (Ukraine, Kiev);
Natalia Buchneva (Russia, Chelyabinsk);
Oksana Tsymbalova (Russia, Moscow);

Tatiana Antonchenko (Belarus, Minsk);

Mila (Russia, Moscow);

Transport design:
Arthur Sayfutdinov (Russia, Surgut);

Graphic design:
Anastasia Voyakina (Russia, Moscow);

Decorative and applied arts:

Galina Berdnikova (Russia,Voronezh);
Igor Shumar (Russia, Mirny);
Irina Donchik (Russia, Krasnoyarsk);
Joseph Ostashinsky (Ukraine, Kiev);
Olga Bulatova (Russia, Kamensk-Uralsky);

Victor Morozov (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia);

Accessories design:
Oleg (Russia, Moscow);

Jewelry design:
Andrey Leonov (Ukraine, Odessa);
Igor Kontorskyy (Thailand, Bangkok);
Leonid Kovalenko (Russia, Saint-Petersburg);
Natalia Vavilina (Moldova, Kishinev);

Valeriy Granovskiy (Thailand, Bangkok);
Vladimir Eryshev (Russia, Novosibirsk);
Vladimir Yachmenev (Russia, Veliky Novgorod);

Andrey Mitryagin (Russia, Belgorod);

ArtStudio MalinoDesign (Russia, Moscow);
Raduzhnyy Feniks (Ukraine, Kiev);
Salavat Mullanurov (Russia, Kaliningrad);
Sergei Zhigailo (Russia, Moscow);
Vladimir Dragunov (Russia, Chernyakhovsk);

Albert Belyaev (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod);
Ekaterina Shevi (Russia, Orel);
Elena Brezhitskaya (Russia, Pyatigorsk);
Evgeny Pechenin (Russia, Novosibirsk);
Ksenia Zamashchikova (Russia, Lyubertsy);

Ekaterina Shevi (Russia, Orel);
Margarita Kabelkova (Ukraine, Kramatorsk);

Fine art:
Alexander Bezrodnykh (Russia, Saint-Petersburg);
Alexander Botvinov (Russia, Rostov-on-Don);
Alexander Gektor (Latvia);
Alexey Kalyakin (Russia, St. Petersburg);
Anastasia Yaroshevich (Krivoy Rog, Ukraine);

Andrey Domani (Russia,Voronezh);

Bogdan Dmitrienko (Russia, Lermontov);
Dmytruk Halyna (Ukraine, Teofipol);
Elena Sizova (Russia, Saint-Petersburg);
Gela Philauri (Georgia, Tbilisi);
Igarez Naumov (Russia, Kstovo);
Igor Belichenko (Russia, Saint-Petersburg);
Inna Volvak (Russia, Moscow);
Irina Chernenko (Russia, Krasnogorsk);
Martin Ashkhatoev (Georgia, Tbilisi);
Natalia Stepanova-Tretyakova (Russia, Belgorod);
Natalia Vladimirova (Ukraine, Kharkov);
Sergey Dorofeev (Russia, Moscow);
Sergey Sidenko (Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk);
Tatiana Lukyanchenko (Ukraine, Kiev);
Tatyana Lassaya (Russia, Saint-Petersburg);
Valery Makovoy (Latvia, Riga);
Vasily Zherebilo (Russia, Azov);
Vitaly Bigich (Ukraine, Krivoy Rog);
Vladimir Medvedev (Ukraine, Nikolaev);
Yuri Sapozhnikov (Russia, Saint-Petersburg);

Children's art:
Anastasia Tretyakova (Russia, Belgorod);
Azamat Kudziev (Russia, Vladikavkaz);
Julia Nosachenko (Ukraine, Markovka);
Snezhana Zamashchikova (Russia, Moscow);

In October 2018 number of portfolios posted on the website is 12 853. Number of registered participants has reached 8 646 people, over 107 622 images were posted. Our resource has been visited by citizens of 173 countries and 6068 cities all over the world, number of browsed pages is more than 13 544 868, number of regular visitors of the website is more than 259 550 people.

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