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News > Ethno styles: Scandinavian style of an interior through Tatiana Antonchenko's eyes.

Early 20th century.

Harmony of simple lines and shapes, large spaces, functionality and comfort, use of simple materials – these are all components of the Scandinavian style in an interior, which has recently become increasingly popular. This is one of the lightest and most natural styles in an interior of apartments and houses.

The beginning of the XX century is characterized by the period of influence of Scandinavian culture on European countries. During this period, it was in Scandinavia that the philosophy of design was born, which played a significant role in the formation of modern aesthetics of furniture and housing. It was not by chance: harsh and long winter, short and cool summer, steep roofs, small windows, lack of sun and bright colours in nature have generated interest in a cozy housing and beautiful furniture. This interest has almost developed into a cult, and a secure, warm and cozy house, standing in the cold among the snow under the starry dark sky, has become a symbol of well-being and success.

Fresh, nice, no pretentiousness – the Scandinavian style will please both modern and traditional taste. Its airy colours give a wonderful opportunity to add light and space to your house. The style is especially good for the Northern countries where houses lack daylight.

It may be related to minimalism, which is now so popular. It is characterized by light, thin and elegant details of structures made of multilayer trees.

Interiors in the Scandinavian style are made of simple and natural materials of natural tone, but meanwhile quite original. Calmness and order are inherent in this style. It does not tolerate needless details, but decor may be of bright colours, but it does not distract attention from compositional solutions.

Scandinavian style in an interior implies the use of light and warm tones. Colour scheme of an interior is usually dominated by white and blue. Quite active and other colours: soft dim green, various shades of grey, silver, colour of blue duck egg, turquoise, amber-yellow. General colouring of interiors is light, like watercolour, with lots of warm tones: yellow, milky white, ivory and cream colour, light terracotta. As single accents – red cherry, cobalt blue or for more traditional interiors – grassy green colour.

The easiest way to settle an interior in the Scandinavian style – is to take two traditional colours as a basis: blue with white or red with white. The use of combinations of tints of white – from ivory to snow-white and icy-blue-white will help to avoid softness, and in the meantime, the second resonating contrasting colour will bring freshness and accentuate. Cherry and purple – are ideal. Basic blue may range from fresh cobalt to blurred sky blueness. To insert this second colour will help textile with a subtle pattern, but use it moderately. For example, only one checkered pillow or with stylized floral motifs.

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