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News > Ethno styles: China (Feng Shui). Chinese style of an interior through Tatiana Antonchenko's eyes.

Thousands of years ago Chinese design was based on the principles of energy, simplicity and nature. These principles are called to create a serene and peaceful atmosphere in a house. Since Chinese culture is imbueded with traditions, elements in the Chinese interior will necessarily reflect the values of people living in the house.

Chinese culture - is a special consciousness and perception of the world. China, with its specific living conditions, has created its own understanding of the organization of living space. It was embodied in the teaching of Feng Shui, which originated more than 3000 years ago.

Feng Shui - is the doctrine of the interconnection of all things and phenomena in a space, as well as the connection of a man with everything that surrounds him. The aesthetic side of Feng Shui is of high value. The interior, organized in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui - is, above all, beautiful. One of the most important principles of Feng Shui may be described as a denial of straightforwardness. Straight and acute corners, sharp junctions have no place in the Chinese style. Chinese style is based on the principle of naturalness, prescribing each thing in the house its place and function.

«You live in time and space, and we live only in space», says Chinese wisdom.

«The main» colour in Chinese life was «appointed» red - colour of a fiery dragon, colour of energy. And also black, emerald, gold, bronze, yellow, blue, green, white.

In the Chinese style of an interior there are no sharp corners, bulky furniture, and the one that exists is not diverse. As a material for manufacturing as furniture so and various other items, is widely used durable but elastic bamboo. The furniture was decorated with a complex technique of multi-layer varnishing. For decoration was used carving on black lacquer.

Walls are usually painted in a certain peculiar to that culture colour or plastered. When creating an interior in the Chinese style walls may be pasted with wallpaper. The most suitable colour scheme will be a contrasting combination of emerald and bright red. Drawing should reflect the national stylistics (images of flowers, nature and hieroglyphs). Drapery of walls by fabric is used. Very harmoniously will fit into the interior in the Chinese style dark parquet floor. Even in ancient times the Chinese decorated their rooms with silk and brocade. For people of China silk is not just a fabric, but a national treasure. This fact determines the use of silk fabrics in large quantities: it is used to sew bed linen, drape windows and walls.

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