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News > Interior style «Vintage» through Tatiana Antonchenko’s eyes.

«Vintage» – the French word, this term of winemaking means «old wine, long stored in cellars». Like a mature drink, taste of which only improves by time, vintage stuff remained since the time of our grandmothers’ youth, with every year become more and more valuable.

This style implies original stuff from previous generation, but an item should be at least 30 years old. However actually for this style things from 20-30-s of the last century suit more, best characterizing the era when plastic, synthetic and other artificial materials have not yet been as common as, for example, in Soviet times.

By this French word it is accepted to name extremely now fashionable trend, based on combination in an interior modern and old, and sometimes very old antiques items. Interiors in vintage style turn out to be warmer and cozier than those expressed in a one strict style. The main rule here is to avoid excessive museum quality. There are no rigid rules for creating a vintage interior. Some of them entirely consist of old and antique items, others combine in themselves originals and elegant stylizations.

The main feature of the vintage style is an originality of the thing or object and uniqueness. In an item should be clearly visible «the last word» in fashion and style of the time when it was created, as well as be an expression of fashion trends of its era. Basically, trend goes towards fashion, mainly clothes, and also vintage has become popular in home interior. To create such style it is important to address to the history of fashion trends of the twentieth century.

Among existing styles of interior design, «vintage» style has a huge space for imagination. You may fit in your interior any vintage item if you want it to, thereby giving housing a feeling of habitableness, coziness, antiquity. Important for this style considers possession of a thing or item of bright, expressive «character». Devoting to the flight of imagination, it is possible to transform your home or apartment with the help of not only old items, but also by new, simply antique styled. They give an impression of attrition, roughness, and, of course, habitableness.

An interior in a vintage style may take you back into the past, forcing, for example, once again to experience the Soviet era, or fill your home with noble refinement. It is possible to recreate hipsters’ idyll, feel like kings of jazz or rock'n'roll. The main thing is to approach the matter wisely and without fanaticism. No need to fill up rooms indiscriminately with old things or objects, you may put as much furniture as you want, and as it is convenient for you, just either old or vintage items, or have this kind of look.

If you do not have an antique item or a piece of antique, as yet mentioned above, you may order a new thing, but in a vintage style. Or walk through flea markets, appeal to auctions or antique shops, however in them prices are very awesome. By the way, it is not necessary to use a lot of items, you may refine an interior with just one, but quite bright, which will immediately attract all attention to itself and become the main focus of your style.

The main feature of vintage furniture is its «attrition», «worning out». If you have really real vintage items, whether it is an old chest, drawers, worn leather armchair, sideboard and so on, you just need to skillfully and organically fit them into an interior and to adjust the rest of the design for these things. Once again, pay attention to the fact that an item which you get should not just be made in the style of the past era, but be sure to have that very «attritions» and «worn out» look, this makes an item vintage. Furniture made like antiquate will fill your life with a special aura of mystery, sophistication, will give a sense of durability and unhurriedness.

It is also allowed to use modern furniture, but it should obligatory be artificially aged. Artificial rust, peculiar greenish bronze scuff, attrition of stone and glass, cracks and traces of wood bugs, elegant drawings-paintings of soft tones, carving - are covered with cracks, here are just some examples of skillful variations on a theme of time impact.

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Specially for the International Association VATIKAM (Paris, France), Tatiana Antonchenko.


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