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News > «Retro» interior style through Tatiana Antonchenko’s eyes.

50s, 60s, 70s of the 20th century.

Retro style – is a breath of the past, it is some synthesis of everything that was fashionable in the middle of the 20th century.  This trend assembles in itself all the brightest that was in 50-70 -ies and implemented in one style. When design an interior in retro style it is chosen the most memorable pieces of the past century, putting some zest into the design of one’s home.

Retro style is considered one of the most interesting, it is complex, diverse. To create it, it is possible to implement any fantasy, there is endless space for creativity. The most important thing, of course, is stylization. This applies to creation of any style, and in relation to the retro style will not be as important to what years you exactly want to apply, the main thing is that everything matches with taste.

This is the style that brings joy, fun, its design is very interesting, not boring. In the modern retro style most of components, elements are from the 60-ies. Exactly at that time there was a popular movement such as hippies, or hipsters, they were free, unrestrained. Some details of the retro style are intertwined with details of the vintage style, such links look quieter, more modest.

Many people think that retro style – is vintage and antique items, partly it is true, but not only. To create a retro-style interior any things from the past of our parents and their parents are perfectly suited. This is what distinguishes this style, it is possible to take old grandmother's furniture and transform it into a modern refined piece of interior. Put an old grand piano or samovar, and you will already achieve the desired result, of course, the rest of decor and design should comply.

Furniture has many shapes, colours and shades. Any unusual item may simultaneously be a sofa and a bed. Sofas in the form of a huge flower bud, a human palm or female painted lips, plastic sofas, chairs and armchairs. Also popular semi antique furniture, polished walls and coffee tables (table from sewing machine with wrought iron bars, etc.), popular furniture with details of polished chrome, upholstery made of bright artificial materials. Accessory in retro style may be everything the most ridiculous and incongruous. For example, classical works of art next to plastic statuettes. You may simply scatter on shelves very diverse items which will be peculiar decoration of your interior.

Are used all bright and even acidic colours: green, red, pink, violet, blue, orange, yellow mustard, indigo, black and white. These colours should be rich and not by any means blurred. The main thing is that colours in the interior design were simply incongruous. Retro style does not like natural materials. All artificial and unexpected is just right for the retro style: plastic, smooth plastic, oil paint, mirrors, glass, crystal, plywood, linoleum, polished chrome, plaster, multi-coloured tile, artificial velvet, carpets made of artificial material of bright colours.

Decorations in retro style combine lots of shapes, structures and colours in order to create a stunning atmosphere. Walls may be decorated with patterns which are drawn through stencil with ordinary oil paints. Painting depends on imagination, but there are welcomed floral motifs, avant-garde images. Walls may also be pasted over with paper wall-paper or covered with plaster.

As a floor covering are suitable: plywood, ordinary paint, linoleum, artificial carpets, multicoloured tiles or tiles, lined in form of a chessboard, and natural wood. It is necessary to create as many sources of artificial light so that a room is illuminated by light from electric lamps. Bizarre forms of floor lamps of different colours, crystal chandeliers, various lamps will well complement an interior in retro style. On windows there are tulle curtains.

Retro style is preferred by people who have cheerful nature, as this style is characterized by bright lively colours.

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Specially for the International Association VATIKAM (Paris, France).

Tatiana Antonchenko.


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