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News > Interior style «Fusion» through Tatiana Antonchenko’s eyes

90s of the 20th century.
In professional language combination of several traditions in one interior is called fusion (translated from English mixing, merging) – style of an interior, in which is combined incompatible on the principle of «ike-dislike».

History of fusion style origin is uncertain. Nobody knows exactly how and where it originated, despite the fact that time of existence of the fusion style is rather short. Some believe that fusion originated in the Philippines in the 80s, others consider its birthplace the United States of America, where in the 90s American designers began to combine incompatible, to combine noncombinable in apartments interior, and then in an architecture. But this is not essential. The main thing is that the sphere of its application is growing and expanding.

Daring interior style fusion will appeal not to everyone. There are many styles in architecture and interior design that allow optimally implement ideas of an epatage person, which will emphasize his unique character, refined and extraordinary taste. One of these styles is fusion style.

It is really necessary to be on a certain wave in order to understand such style of interior. It does not have certain elements, it may combine different cultures, diametrically opposed styles, forms, concepts, but it does not violate the harmony of surrounding space. The idea of the style itself consists in an aspiration from chaos to cosmos.

Exactly fusion is more suitable for arrangement not so much flats as apartments with several levels, penthouses and country houses, because plenty of free space and daylight is important. If it likewise happened that you appeared in a space that exudes boredom and monotony, called «stalinka», «khrushchevka», where there is nothing your eyes may rested on, relax, do not despair, fusion style will help to transform and beautify your life.

The main advantage of fusion-interiors is their individuality, because there may be innumerable combinations and options of mixing.

Fusion in modern design of interiors is one of the most demanded styles. Such tendency is simple to explain: among the variety of forms, styles, beautiful things it is difficult to choose one thing. One wants to put together all the best and get after all a unique design.

Fusion design – is intense, emotional, somewhat absurd and Bohemian. It boldly plays with colours, textures, materials, it is not alien to bizarre forms.

Colour scheme of this style is quite rich and implies mixing with each other bright and sometimes incompatible colours that create sharp, but not beating the eye contrast (white is obligatory).

Furniture in fusion style may be of different materials, the main thing is to emphasize such interior by unusual combination. Spectacularly is a combination of different textures: wrought metal, transparent glass, wood and fabric. May be actively combined in one interior heavy classic and modern hi-tech furniture.

Fearlessly push soft furniture from corners and put it in the center of a room. At the same time expensive exclusive collections quietly get along with the most mass models.

Today it is possible and necessary to mix classical and modern furniture, old and new things, expensive and not really and to add objects, decisively not suitable to anything, but favourite.

Accessories in fusion style may be completely diverse subjects: from serial photos to paintings of famous artists, it may also be souvenirs from different countries, items in retro style and modern interior objects. It is important that all these accessories fit to look of an interior as a whole.

1. It is better not to mix. The main postulate of fusion: better less than more.
2. Remember the good taste.
3. Fusion loves courage.

Ceiling may be textured, most suitable are soft, even rounded shapes of the ceiling box, arched openings. Floor should be perfectly flat and smooth. Walls may be pasted over by different types of wall-paper, may be painted in different colours or covered different by texture plaster, it is possible to combine a bricklaying and wooden furnish. In an interior in fusion style it fits well with parts made of wood. It may be ceiling decoration, and wooden stairs, and open roof beams.

It is important to pay attention to lighting, it will look good suddenly put lamps in a retro style and lamps with unusual lampshades, similar to beehives or giant bunches of grapes, a chandelier-candlestick and a lamp in the style of the 60s, also it may be illuminated only particular items. Natural light is important, large windows are exactly applicable for fusion. They may be supplemented with pied curtains, organza or ordinary blinds.

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Specially for the International Association VATIKAM (Paris, France),
Tatiana Antonchenko.


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