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News > One-man exhibition of Alexander Knecht

Dear friends!

The Tomsk regional Museum of Arts is hosting a one-man exhibition of works by a participant of the VATIKAM project, painter Alexander Knecht.

Alexander Knecht is a participant of many Russian, regional and international exhibition. He is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 1998. His works are stored in the regional Museum of Arts and in private collections.

Alexander is renowned in his hometown of Tomsk; many of his works depict views of his beloved city. They represent Tomsk as wrapped in a light nostalgic haze of old-time romanticism. Alexander is also an author of ironic rhymes which he uses to sign his paintings.

The exhibition showcases over 200 works of art. You can experience the world of Alexander Knecht’s creativity and talent by visiting the exhibition before May 25th 2014 or via the author’s personal website:

Administration of the project VATIKAM 


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