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News > Congratulations on New Year

Photographer Helena Deryagina

Dear participants of the project VATIKAM!

Allow me congratulate you heartily with a coming New Year and Christmas!

Let wonderful winter holidays bring peace, tranquility, harmony and confidence in future. I wish you good health, success, family happiness, wealth and prosperity! Let your life be dominated by harmony and good luck, and next year will be successful and happy for you and your family! May all dreams come true!

2017 year opened new heights for the project VATIKAM. At the permanent mission of Russia in UNESCO in Paris an agreement on joint cooperation between our Association with the International union of nongovernmental organizations «Assembly of Peoples of Eurasia» was signed.

In December on the invitation of the Russian spiritual and cultural centre in Paris the international Association VATIKAM held an exhibition of icons of the participants of our project Aleksey Pechagin and Vadim Plaksin. The works aroused great interest of the invited guests and visitors of the exhibition.

These events offer even more opportunities to promote your works, dear participants of the project VATIKAM. You are welcome to join the members of the International Association of designers VATIKAM in order to increase your fame, to receive world appreciation, to succeed in a beloved profession.

The outgoing year was fruitful for our Association, and I am sure that the coming year will bring even more success and prosperity to all of us. We will look into the new year with a smile and faith in the best!

of the International Association of specialists of creative professions VATIKAM
Kamo Saakyan

Paris, France
December 2017.


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Спасибо за поздравление! В этом году произошли прекрасные, знаменательные события для Международной Ассоциации VATIKAM! Желаю дальнейшего творческого процветания, больших достижений и развития Международной Ассоциации VATIKAM! Больших возможностей, здоровья, достатка и благосостояния Президенту Международной Ассоциации VATIKAM Камо Саакяну!! С наступающими праздниками! Счастья и радости всем!!

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Helena Deryagina

Спасибо за ваш проект!!!!!С Новым Годом!!!Удачи , успехов, благополучия!!!!